Accessories that revolutionise your kitchen experience.

Kitchens have evolved to facilitate easy meal preparation, organisation and storage.

Latest advancements equip the kitchen with perfect organisation systems. 


Adequate storages with convenient designs that are low maintenance. 

4 Tier Baskets

It can hold 8 baskets ( 4 baskets each on pull out and door frame)

6 Tier Baskets

It can hold 12 baskets ( 6 baskets each on pull out and door frame)

Swivelling pull out column mechanism with soft opeing and soft closing system which gives nice and gentle movement


We offer a range of optimised storage unit, soft close drawer systems having  weight capacity of 30 kg. They are available with brands like Hettich (SS, Innotech and Atira), Blum (Tandem and Antaro).

Selecting the right drawers with optimal divisions is an important task. The drawer system is a multi functional yet affordable option for suitable storage. 


These units ensures that you have everything you frequently need for cooking immediately to hand.

Spice pull out

Wicker basket

Under sink basket

Bottle pull out

Detergent holder

Dustbin holder


Cosario: easy to reach, quickly tucked away out of sight.

Dish Drainer: Practical rack , two layers of dish drainer & cutlery drainer.

Bottle Pull out: 90° Wall Cabinet, top basket height adjustable.


Pull Out Shelf - Wall Unit .

Functional and visually pleasing alternate to wooden shelves in kitchen. 


Corner spaces in kitchens are not much utilised because they are hard to reach. However, you can access the most out of sight corners with intelligent offerings such as the Hettich corners. Its highlight kidney-shaped rotatable pull out shelves that fully retract into the back.

CargoMan Single Layer

CargoMan Double Layer

The shelves can be swilled out individually and completely,

Moving Corner cargo series: Moving Corner cargo series. Integrated silent system soft closure.

Space saving interior designs
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