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Modular Wardrobes

We are often in a dilemma and find it difficult to design or buy a wardrobe that caters to our needs. Freestanding wardrobes are not customisable in accordance to our house interiors. 


Modular wardrobes solve this confusion and blend perfectly with the interior while offering a variance in choices to suffice your wardrobe needs.


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Lets Look at the most liked Wardrobe styles.

The wardrobe is one of the important furniture pieces in a bedroom, second to bed. Everyone has their own view of a purposeful wardrobe.
Some prefer minimalistic, while others crave to have massive walk in wardrobes.
Fortunately, there are several choices to meet our organising, storage and aesthetics needs.

Sliding Door Wardrobe
Home interior designer Gurgaon

Sliding Door Wardrobes are the latest answer to the classic hinge door wardrobe styles.


In these modern times preference has shifted to non fussy style of “almirah”and is an ideal choice with a contemporary look.


As per the width, sliding door wardrobe can be crafted with two, three or four doors. The sliding doors glide smoothly on a track.

Hinge Door Wardrobe
Home interior designer Gurgaon

Hinge Door Wardrobes are the most common and traditional styles. Despite being very simple in design, they give a feeling of depth to the wardrobe when opened.

L Shaped Wardrobes
Modular wardrobe designs

L-shaped wardrobes are famously known as “Corner Wardrobes”. They are the perfect solution for maximum utilisation of a bedroom corner.

walk in wardrobe design

Walk-in wardrobes are the "wish" wardrobe of many as it requires a decent chunk of space which not everyone can spare. They are the paragon of luxury with huge storage space for clothes and other accessories. They offer a great opportunity for creating a highly planned and organised space for everything. 

Sloped Wardrobe
modular wardrobe designs

Sloping wardrobes are the most suitable solution for sloped roofs, attic bedrooms and space under the stairs.


They offer a flexible way of making use of otherwise wasted storage spaces.

Lakkad Works Does It Differently

Home interior designer Gurgaon

360 Degree Service

From design to installation of your modular wardrobe, our experts handle it all for you.

modular wardrobes

5 Year Warranty

Providing you with an authorised warranty card, we cover all manufacturing defects.

modular wardrobes

Timely Delivery

With streamlined operations of design, manufacturing and supply, deliveries as promised have been made possible.

modular wardrobes

 Prime Indulgence

Customer focused approach that creates a premium design experience like no other.

modular wardrobes

Tailored for India

Efficient designs that work for the Indian houses. The precise proportions, veneers and fitments.

modular wardrobes

Distinctively You

Get together with our designers for designs that are fine-tuned for your space, style and pocket.

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