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Updated: Jan 13

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Wall Trims

What is Wall Panelling?

In architecture and design, wall panelling is treatment for walls in order to prevent any damage, hide electric cables and to provide structural support. In other words, it has both functional and aesthetic implications. Initially, wall panelling was done to make the stone rooms more comfortable to live in as it provided insulation between the stone wall and the room itself. However, now a days, wall panelling is widely used for decoration purpose. It is one of the best ways to break the monotony of a wall surface to add interest a room. Different types of materials like wood, fabric, veneer, metals, PVC, wainscot, chipboard or glass can be used for wall panelling.

In brief, panelling can be a great way to add instant period authenticity, vintage charm or simply warmth and interest to rooms.

Materials Used in Wall Panelling

Veneer- It is actual thin slice of wood that is peeled off the wood. It is further pressed onto the surface of a furniture piece.

Veneer Wall Panelling, best interior designer in delhi ncr, lakkadworks
Veneer Wall Panelling

Glass – Glass Walls are used to create decorative focal wall. Glass Panel is available in wide variety of style options like clear, frosted, patterned, tinted, back painted, etc. Another similar option is Plexiglass which is far more durable, light weight, tough and has higher impact strength.

Glass Wall Panelling, best interior designers in delhi ncr, lakkadworks
Glass Wall Panelling

Fabric: Fabric wall panelling is the best way to eliminate unnecessary noises and reverberations and thus, creates verbal clarity. Besides, having its applications in cinema halls and restaurants, fabric wall panelling looks really beautiful in bedrooms. Wood is layered with MDF followed by foam and then the fabric.

Upholstered Wall Panelling, best interior designers in Delhi NCR, lakkadworks
Upholstered Wall Panelling

Wainscot: This type of wall covering is laid to cover the bottom half of the wall in order to add visual interest in a room as well as to support room’s overall construction.

Wainscot (Trims at bottom half), lakkadworks, best interior designer in delhi ncr
Wainscot (Trims at bottom half)

Wall Trims: It refers to all types of molding and millwork. Originally people chose wall trims to hide joints, gaps or any other imperfections on surfaces. However, now a days, people used it as a bold design statement.

Wall Trims, Lakkadworks, best interior designers in delhi ncr
Wall Trims

Wooden: This includes wooden planks placed horizontally, vertically or in various forms to create attractive designs. Wood is one of the best materials to add warmth to a space.

Wooden block wall panelling, lakkadworks, best interior designers in delhi ncr
Wooden block wall panelling

Metals: It is a single layer of desired metal panels interlocked in various patterns. Different types of wall panels include Single Skin Metal Panels, Metal Composite Material Metal Panels and Insulated Metal Panels. Metal Panels are the best way to add sleek style statement to an area. Some of the metals used for wall panelling are: Aluminium, Stainless Steel, Copper, Zinc and Titanium.

Metal Wall Panellingj, Lakkadworks, best interior designers in delhi ncr
Metal Wall Panelling

Types of wall paneling

Decorative Wall Panelling

lakkadworks, best interior designers in delhi ncr, wall panelling, veneer, pvd fluted wood texture paint
Veneer Wood wall panelling embellished with PVD strips

This wall panelling is a combination of veneer, wall paper, rafters along with PVD metal strips. The combination of different materials breaks the monotony of wall while bringing the overall cost to a more economic side.

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