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Arrange living room furniture in ways that transforms the space.

Arranging furniture to suit the ways you use your living room makes it more functional and utilises the space in accordance to the needs. For Example chairs and couches facing each other facilitate conversation, creating zones within a large living space creates coziness .

Follow along to get inspired by our ideas, tips and tricks to organise your living space in the most effective way!

1. Face to Face Conversation Much?

Place seating furniture facing towards each other over a shared coffee table to make the conversation easy, while the table keeps the drinks each to reach.

2. Divide the room with furniture.

Divide a large living/dining space into separate zones with furniture placement. For example a sofa facing away from the dining room demarcates the two zones and defines the conversation area from the rest of this open layout.

3. Prefer Chairs over Sofas when tight on space.

Sometimes, space is a constraint and accommodating usual sofas and love seats is a challenge; four comfy chairs will serve the purpose or perhaps even better. This clean and crisp setting defines a neat, compact, yet welcoming seating.

4. Pull furnishing together with a rug.

A large rug unifies a seating group within a larger space. If the rug isn't large enough to contain to contain all the seating pieces, make sure that those farthest from the wall are solidly anchored on the "island"

4. Make space for lounging.

Living rooms are used for lounging and TV watching , a sectional sofa offers flexible and comfortable seating. Sectionals are available in variety of units, from armless chairs to love seats, ottomans, and chaises that can be combined to fit your space.

The sofa is generally oriented towards the TV and extra seating is chosen to be lightweight and can be easily rearranged to face the TV.

5. Enlarge the space with diagonals

If you have a boxy room, placing the furniture diagonally will create a welcoming pathway into the seating group. The sofa and coffee can be used to establish the diagonal axis and seating can be arranged on the same axis.

6. Symmetry creates order

Matching sofas, side tables, and lamps strike a flawless balance on each side of the fireplace in the contemporary living room setup. Symmetry imposes a sense of order on the space.

7. Arrange in L shape

A large living room can be arranged to include a sofa and a love seat forming an L framing a large coffee table. A single chair at the other side of the group can be moved closed to the conversation group.

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