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Bathroom Designing tips to achieve the makeover you desire!

Updated: Oct 15, 2020

luxury bathroom design tips. lakkad works

Bathroom, a room which requires to be designed so diligently that the challenges of moisture, storage & organisation and lighting are combatted. The design team of Lakkad Works would like to share a few professional tips in this context.

Before choosing the colours, finishes and structures one should plan a LAYOUT i.e, decide where to place the bathing tub, counter top, sink, storage depending on their use and the available space. When you may be wandering about a standing shower, your younger ones may require a bath tub. Another crucial point to look after during this process is the lighting and ventilation part. The position of lighting plays a key role in your bathroom's functionality and mood. However, the common problem of moisture and odour can be reduced by maintaining good ventilation.Wether to move the plumbing or keep it intact should be done according to one's budget as displacing the plumbing costs higher.


Bathroom Storage

Bathroom vanity design. lakkadworks
Floating Vanity

Being one of the regularly used rooms, bathroom needs to be tidy and hygienic too. The bathroom vanities play a great role here. Floating vanities are highly recommended for small bathrooms and more over the floor remains clear and easy to be swiped.

internal wall. bathroom storage design tips. lakkad works

Extra internal wall is another clever way of adding an extra storage space to your bathroom

bathroom storage design tips. lakkadworks
Extra internal wall Storage Ideas!

Have a look at other storage ideas for your bathroom !

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People often place the bottom edge of the mirror above the faucet, but in fact allowing the two to visually overlap can create a very elegant effect.

beautiful and functional vanities. lighting around mirror. lakkad works
Faucet overlapping Mirror


A vanity includes a counter-top, storage, a sink or a two and a mirror.

Large mirror with thin frame makes the looking space look bigger.

thin frame mirror. cluster free bathroom design tips. lakkad works

Picking the right type of sink is equally important.

The three types of sinks are: , vessel or wall mounted, under-mount, drop-in.

floating vanity. vessel or wall-mounted sink. bathroom designs tips. lakkad works

Vessel or Wall-mounted sink

This type of sink sits above the counter-top where the drain hole is cut. It is a bit difficult to clean but this type of sink offers a variety of designs and shapes to choose from. Vessel sinks are ideal for small bathrooms.

Under-mounte sink. hanging lights over vanity. bathroom interior designs. lakkad works

Under-mount Sink

Under-mount sinks mount below the bottom of the countertop and are supported by heavy-duty clips and caulk or a special adhesive. Such type of sinks have an invisible rim. They are harder to install and therefore, requires a professional.

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drop-in sink. bathroom interior design tips. lakkad works

Drop in Sink

They are placed in cut-outs in the counter-top with a visible rim that rests on the counter. However, the gap where the sink joins the counter is filled with silicon to avoid the deposition of dirt and scum.

Under-mount sink vs Drop in Sink

Undermount vs drop-in sink. bathroom designing tips. lakkad works

Note: Free standing styled sinks and bath-tubs helps to render a clutter-free look.


A bathroom's mood and functionality is greatly influenced by the position of lighting in the ceiling. It's important to think of areas like toilet, vanity or feature wall where a good amount of light is required. While installing a light over the tap, make sure there are lights on either sides of the mirror so that, equal amount of light hits both sides of your face and the shadow is avoided. Similarly, light should be even and come from front light is necessary while shaving or applying make-up. However, a relaxing and warmer tone should be set over bath and strong bright light over the vanity will serve great purpose. Pendant light is a stylish option for vanity lights. Last but not the least, perimeter lighting gives a cozy glow to your space.

So, position the lights wisely in the bathroom while remembering to set them in levels!

Don’t be shy with colours!

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A bathroom is where you refresh yourself while unwinding. Adding colours to this place is a fantastic idea to set the mood. Think of the mood you wanna set and choose the colour scheme accordingly. Go for tones of green or blue if you want to set tranquil mood in your bathroom. Add a wow factor to your bathroom with a textured wall.

For all-white lovers, a white themed bathrooms can be beefed up by adding some base notes like a black frame work or faucet. Another great idea can be to change colours with the LEDs which are available in variety of colours.

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