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Benefits of Beautifying your home!

Our Home, welcomes us when we return home after a long tiring day. A warm and comfortable design plays a crucial role to put us at ease and get rid of day to day anxiety. For example an accent chair with warm and rich colour, textured fabric brings in the feeling of comfort in bedroom. Similarly, the one with leaf print creates a resort look. So, it's perfectly correct to say that the mood and atmosphere of our family is directly linked to the looks our home. Some of the reasons for decorating the home include the following: –

1. It Promotes Interest

A house with personalised designs tailored to one's interests and requirements, encourages the family members to spend long hours at home, be it is for work or for relaxation.

Observe the below images :

No need to explain, you can yourself make out which study area would make you sit longer to concentrate on your work. How energising is the orange coloured fluted panel that empowers the mind to learn more quickly. However, the study area in the right image have opposite affects on one's attitude towards concentrating or coming up with new ideas. Rather, it is common to get bored and leave the chair.

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2. Personalisation

It is rightly said "The best rooms have something to say about the people who live in them." When we re-beautify our house, we select the colours, finishes, upholstery of our choice. It further imparts us a feeling of ownership and we fall in love with our place. Eventually, we create a masterpiece for ourselves.

Have a glimpse at the below interiors designed by Lakkadworks, according to client's personalised choice of aesthetics.

3. Functionality

As we re-design our home, we already have a better idea of every nook and corner of the house and have better ideas to put them to use more efficiently. Hiring an interior designer helps us better execute our ideas, as we put to use their professional knowledge and experience. Eventually, we come up with a latest version of our house, which both aesthetically and functionally improved.

Another witty aspect that comes into picture of redesigning our home, is that we get a better idea how we can optimise the functionality of our home space. For example, in the below images we can see how wall mounted sitting space is provided along with a shoe rack in order to do space management. Similarly, in the adjacent picture, there is a play wall in the kid's room and in the last image you can see a well sophisticated use of a balcony space where there is a sofa cum bed with closable shelf to keep your coffee on.

4. Improved mood

Bright colours are known to uplift our mood. For example, throw pillows in the bedroom or colourful prints of the accent chair immediately enhance our way of conduct, how we communicate to our family members. Hence, more energy in the house. If we compare the below two pictures of the living room. No doubt, the one with yellow sofa seems more appealing to eyes according to the psychology of interior design. In the same manner, it is said that clutter free houses sub-consciously imparts clearer or more decisive mind, therefore, a happy person!

5. The Value of the Home Increases

Not just re-designing your house, enhances your personality but that of your house too. Frequent refurbishment of various spaces of home improves its quality. Moreover, the change of materials keeps your area in vogue. Looking at the below pictures, we can see that the area is more or less same, whereas both the spaces render an entirely different view. The one in the right is well organised, thanks to the storage space under the captain bed. On the other hand, the one in the left seems so cluttered and hence, clear mind of the person living in it!

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