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Choosing The Perfect Arm Chair For Your Room

Living room chairs should compliment your sofa, but they don't have to be the same shape, fabric or colour. So, look for a range of designs and different looks before you make your final choice. In fact these days the accent chairs have made their way into the bedroom. Consider whether they will be decorative or provide extra seating if there isn't space for a second sofa.

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The Chair type should blend in the surroundings and style of the room. Size if quite important: if you have a small room, opt for a compact design, since a wide or tall chair will dominate it.


A Classic chesterfield chair suits both traditional and contemporary rooms. The height and angle of its back and arms offers comfort to sit upright in and read. Its robust design makes it a good choice for family homes . This type of chairs is bulky in size and design and needs decent amount of space to be placed. It is usually preferred in living rooms as it seems bulky in most bedroom setups.


This chair features solid arms and a continuous semicircular back, the compact shape means that you can easily fit two in a room. Its simple design makes it suitable for contemporary and traditional homes, and with its light weight, you can easily move it anywhere.


Sleek contemporary armchairs are ideal for minimalist designed rooms. Compact shapes such as square angles and straight arms in metal or wood fits perfectly in this design category. Choose plain fabrics in neutral tones and choose patterned cushions to create interest. These type of chairs are preferred in home salons where sleek design adds to the overall glamour.

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The bent frame (normally made from wood) is the characteristic of this chair. The frame provides support and resilience. Despite its skeletal frame, the design is unexpectedly strong. The high back also provides great support making it an ideal type of reading chair. This type of chair is generally not heavy and can be easily moved, making it ideal for study room or even a corner with a lamp and side table in a living room.


As the name gives away, this type of chair has elegant curved arms and a high curved back. It is very comfortable to sit on, but it is not meant for slouching in. So in a way it is more suited to traditional, formal living rooms.


A classic, this armchair has a high winged back, scrolled arms, and turned legs which are often on casters. Despite its upright features, it is a comfortable chair design that suits contemporary as well as traditional rooms.


This is the ultimate comfort chair with a reclining back and a footrest that rises up so that you can lounge in for the utmost comfort. Manual and electric versions are available, with some recliners also offering a massage action. Some of the recliners also offer side pockets for magazines or glass or cup holders for easy access. Styles are emerging as fused with other styles.

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