Choosing the right rugs for your space!

The rugs should be selected depending on the shape and look of the area or room in which it is to be placed. For contrast, you can try a round or natural shaped rug in an angular room. If you are in doubt about the size, bigger is usually better. The texture and feel of the rug is what makes the space contained. For instance, if you place a large rug over a group of furniture in living room, the space will look contained and organised.

Let's look at types and shapes of rugs that fit different spaces!


If you have furniture with lots of sharp angles and you want to soften the hard edges in the room, round rugs is a good way to do so. Adding a couple of small and colourful round rugs is a

Incorporating a round rug is a good way to soften hard edges in a room if the furniture has lots of sharp angles. Adding a couple of small, colourful round rugs is also a fun way to brighten a child’s bedroom.

Alphabetical Rugs in kids room


Square rugs are best suited for small rooms, where they are a great focal point; mostly underneath a square coffee or dining table. Square rugs are helpful in defining an area within a room. For example, Try using two or three square rugs to break up a square space if you have a long rectangular room.

Rug in living room


These are the most popular choice and are usually positioned in the middle of the room in front of a sofa , or practically right up to the edges of a room to give the impression of a fully carpeted space.

rectangular abstract rug for living room


Rugs that are made from natural hide or sheepskin are often left in the natural shape for an authentic look. They are ideal for large living room and often bedrooms. They are used particularly to enhance wood or stone floors. Sizes and shapes vary so keep an open mind to the dimension of these rugs.

Animal skin rug or sheepskin rug for living room

A handy guide to choosing the best suited material for rug according to your liking and budget!

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