Creating colour harmonies to decorate your home thoughtfully!

Updated: May 7, 2021

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60-30-10 Rule

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These numbers applies to the idea that your room has three colours which share 60%, 30% and 10% of the space. 60% is the main colour which can be the colour of your walls, curtains, rugs and may be sofa. This colour serves as the backdrop for choosing the next colour. 30% is the colour contrasting to the previous one and can be incorporated in the upholstery. This colour adds interest to the area. Now comes the 10% of the colour which is an accent colour. Throw pillows, colourful candles on the stand, artwork and the decorative elements are the best way to showcase the 10% colour.

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Colour wheel (which shows relationship between colours) is the great tool to choose the three colours. Another trick is to pick colours from the fabric you might have chosen for the draperies. A particular look and feel can be created using different combination of colours.

However, one can break this rule using different ratio of preferred colours. Every combination is great till it pleases your eyes.

Monochromatic Scheme!

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This colour scheme uses the tones and shades of the same colour to create a sense of differentiation. It is a great way to decorate small spaces as it renders an illusion of larger surface area. Here is an example of a bed room which is embellished in the tones and shades of blu colour, the final outcome is a relaxed area without overwhelming a particular colour.

110 Percent Rule

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110 percent breaks up into 60% for the main colour, 40% for the secondary colour and 10% for two accent colours each. So, give an extra boost to your room by adding another throw pillows or decorating items having the accent colour of your likings.

Personalised Formula!