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Design Mistakes That Ruin Your Bedroom Interior.

Don't Worry We Will Guide You How To Fix Them...

Your bedroom has a special place in your life without you realising it. It is the first thing you see when you wake up and it should be nothing short of perfection. If you are not happy with the way your bedroom looks but cant point out whats wrong, we've got you covered.

There could be these design errors that take away the soul out of your bedroom. Lets find out what they are and how can we rectify them.

Bedroom Interior Design Mistake #1: Just approximating and not measuring the space

Before even brainstorming, you must measure your bedroom. Avoid getting into approximations; take a measuring tape and measure your bedroom corner to corner. Not knowing what space you are working on is the biggest reason for making design errors.

How to fix it?

Measuring before hand ,before you design, is always beneficial. Then measure every item that you intend to put in your bedroom. If possible use a marking tape to mark spaces with the space that the furniture piece will occupy; doing this will help you estimate the walking space also.

Bedroom Interior Design Mistake #2: Buying a bed thats too big

It is estimated that most people end up buying a bed bigger than they need. In India, it is mostly done with an eye on the future when you get married or have children. The decision could also be affected if you want to accommodate visiting guests. The most important consideration, which should be the dimensions of the room, are usually forgotten.

interior designer in delhi
There are more things to keep in the bedroom

How to fix it?

Whenever not sure, buy bed with a side pull out bed, incase you have guests or need more space. You can opt for a single or a double bed depending on the room's size. You can get your bed customised according to the available space...just connect with us.

interior designer in gurgaon
Opt for an extendable bed instead

Bedroom Interior Design Mistake #3: Furniture in front of a window.

Natural light is the biggest asset of any room. Don’t ever compromise in favour of fitting in furniture.

Modular wardrobe in delhi
Never Cover A Window

How to fix it?

If you are short on space and wish to use space around the window, convert it to a window seating with storage space underneath it.

Opt for Bay window seating with underneath storage

Bedroom Design Mistake #4: Choosing a headboard that too bulky.

Headboards are definitely in fashion and will stay. Getting a out of proportion headboard can cause room to look smaller than it actually is. The height of your ceiling along with room dimensions should decide on bulkiness or height of the headboard.

interior designer in Gurgaon
Headboard should not take over your room

How to fix it?

You can go for functional headboards just like this one that extends as side tables or have additional storage space. Sleek headboards make a room look lighter and airy.

bedroom designs in delhi
Functional headboard solve more purpose

Bedroom Design Mistake #5: Having a bigger wardrobe than your room can afford

Wardrobes in bedrooms are generally used to keep all your clothes, it is also a collection of clothes if it is a massive one, you need to be smart while choosing a wardrobe as it can be designed to fit smartly into small space.

Wardrobes don’t have to be bulky to have plenty of storage space

How to fix it?

The wardrobe can be designed to fit in a niche so that it does not take up extra space. This looks neat and creates a feeling of space in the room.

Custom designed wardrobes can fit in any niche

Bedroom Design Mistake #6: Hinged VS Sliding: Choosing the right option

Wardrobe shutter mechanism options range from hinged to sliding. A sliding wardrobe is best suited for a compact room and not following this thumb rule can cause quite a space crunch when the wardrobe is open.

How to fix it?

There is no other option than replacing the shutters of the wardrobe to get that extra space. Also you can opt for a mirror on one of the shutters to create an illusion of space and guess what you get a full length looking mirror too.

Sliding wardrobe is always a space saver

Bedroom Design Mistake #7: There is no place to move around

This is one of the most common complaints in a bedroom where everything has been fit in without accounting for movement space. It's extremely uncomfortable for young people and downright dangerous for older to sleep in such bedrooms. The risk of fall related injuries is just too high.

You have to plan ahead for free space in a bedroom

How to fix it?

We have to again point out here that measure is all you need to take before you decide to go on furniture hunting. Measuring the room from every corner will help you choose just the right sized furniture. If you have already bought furniture, simply replace it with sleeker ones.

Bedroom Design Mistake #8: Not segregating space for different functions

A bedroom is more than one thing. You sleep, you read, you dress up and probably even drink your morning tea in bed. Each of these space within the bedroom must be designed accordingly; failing to which can cause discomfort in any of these activities.

bedroom mistakes to avoid
What activities do you do in your bedroom

How to fix it?

You must allocate each activity some space. For example the dressing area needs some privacy

while the bed needs to have a tranquil aura around it. If you like to have a study in the room, place it near a window so as to get sufficient natural light.

best home interior designer in delhi
There should be separate areas for distinct activity

Bedroom Interior Design Mistake #9: You don’t have enough plug points and in the right places

While in design phase, make sure you have identified the plug points that you will need in the room. Also make sure to have them at accessible locations otherwise you will have to keep holding your phone while it charges.

interior designer in delhi
Have them and in the right place

How to fix it?

If you don’t have enough plug points, get a few made. It’s worth the effort and cost. If that is not possible, use extension cords and spike busters as a stop-gap arrangement.

Bedroom Interior Design Mistake #10: Bedroom is too dark or bright

Lighting is a crucial part of design, specially for bedrooms. If the light is too bright, it will hinder with your sleep. If it is too dark, you cant work or read in your bedroom. So never opt for just one kind of lighting.

home interior designer in gurgaon
Plan for more than one type of light in the bedroom

How to fix it?

The thing to keep in mind is different kinds of lighting. For instance, you can go for recessed lights for ambience lighting along with a reading light. If there is a workstation, it needs to have an independent light source. and if you like dimmers for your lights, they are really good for your sleep cycle.

home interior designer in delhi
Switch on the mood light that you need according to the time of the day!

Still wandering what to do next..? Connect with our design team and we will be ready to help!

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