Easy and economical home decorating ideas for Indian households

Decorating the home doesn't have to be heavy on pocket. With creative and simple ideas, beautifying a home is very easy. We have curated some ideas to refresh the existing look of your house with minimum or no investment. There is an idea for every budget taste so we hope that you are inspired to try it out. The main objective is achieve a fresh and new look that won't require a lot of money to be spent.

1. Rearrange the furniture

You read it right, sometimes there is no need to spend that extra buck, you just need to make an extra effort to move the furniture around, but it's definitely worth the trouble. The living room is a good place to try as the loose furniture can be moved relatively easily compared to beds or built in units. The new setup will give you space to place decorative items and maybe also more movement space; all you need to do is a little visualisation before hand.

ideas to change your home's look
Rearranged furniture brings in a sense of newness

2. Create a focal point

Creating a focal point always adds interest to the space. the focal wall or area will take away attention from other areas of the room. For example, a tv unit is often the point of interest in a living room so it is a good idea to make this wall the focal wall for this reason.

Creating a focal point in a room can help to make decorating cheaper. This is because the focal wall or focal area will take away the attention from other areas of the room. For example, in a living room, the main focus is often the television and many modern homes often make the TV wall the focal wall for this reason.

An alternate idea is to convert a boring wall to an interesting one .

A focal point such as a tv unit wall can be a mood changer!

3. Change the upholstery

The same old living room furniture tends to get boring after a while, but its doesn't mean that you have to buy a new sofa to achieve a new look. Changing the upholstery is a pocket friendly way to change the vibes of the room. It is also environment friendly and there is nothing wrong with it.

New fabric brings life and color to otherwise dull sofas

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4. Create a green wall

Proper green wall structures can be expensive but a DIY version is a better idea. Attaching a few potted plants to the wall with some wooden slabs or a wire mesh rack is actually quite inexpensive way to create a green wall. Adding some lights to it brings in another focal wall concept to life. For more ideas read our must have indoor plants at home.

Plants create freshness and calming aroma in the space

5. New curtains

New curtains can be customised as per your windows' size for a relatively cheap price, specially in India where there are many local vendors whom you can provide fabric of your choice. Best way to do it is to select a colour or a pattern that gels well with the rest of the room and then have it tailored according to the windows.