Foyer design areas that you get inspired by right away!

Our designer-inspired entryway ideas will make styling your entryway so much easier.

Grab the ideas and get started right away or contact our experts to get expert advice.

1. Patterned floors

Stepping into your home should be an experience. If you don't feel excited or inspired when you walk through the foyer, then probably it is time to mix things up a little.

Without any doubt , the pros know how to make a stylish entrance.

If your foyer lacks a luster, trade traditional hardwood floors for an unexpected pattern.

Our designs are focused to add subtle interest to the space without being too distracting.

2. Textured Runners

Rugs add a great charm and a warm and welcoming effect, but we know that nothing drawers more attention in quite like a runner. With beautiful stretched rugs across your space, you'll visually lengthen the walls and make your foyer seem larger.

3. Abstract Artwork

Portraits, prints and landscapes all add interest to the walls, abstract art gives you the freedom to play with your foyer's shapes and colours.