How Scandinavian is different from Minimalistic Design

Define the bare necessities!

As a new home owner, you must have a lot on mind. We all want a certain style for our homes, don't we? As we start to think of interior design styles, it can get a little confusing and quite frustrating.

With so many styles that have so much in common, it is very important to spot the difference between them.

Let's find out in what ways does Minimalistic and Scandinavian differ.

Minimalist Decor Style

When all you want is "less is more", then you're already thinking minimalistic style of decor. Some people will call your style to be cold, boring or too bland, but you are already drowned in your zone of comfort as simple and spacious is your thing. A key balance is to create the right minimal mix.

Highlights Of Minimalism

Balance is key

When designing, keep the minimal approach in mind and be extra careful about balance and proportion. An empty room is relatively harder to pull off because of the strict design rules. The furnishings should be in tune and the visuals of the room should be appropriate. A minimalistic room with neutral tones can tend to feel cold or bland, but there's one foolproof trick that remedies this every time: Texture.

Minimal interior design theme
Texture is always foolproof when it comes to adding a sense of depth

Quality over quantity

The minimalist style employs less but functional furniture. When aiming for minimal space, you

should highlight the limited furniture that you will place in your space. You should go for classy and highest quality furniture.

The devil is in the details

When you choose to go minimal on decor, you have to pay heed to details in each space. Be it intricate trim work or some embroidery that you want on pillowcase, details is all what matters. Textures add richness to the interiors , have fun with them.

Light is hero

In minimalist homes, light becomes one of the major players, just like any other piece of furniture. Do not forget to see the source of natural light and play around with it using window treatments. Add lighting in way to add interesting effect.

Scandinavian Decor Style

Simple, functional, warm colours and clean lines defines Scandinavian design. While the west has been chasing the minimal concept, the Swedish and Nordic countries have aced this concept. The focus remains on conscious buying and slowly evolving design that calms and helps relax. The investment on interiors is such that it lasts long. While being simple, this style is inspired from warm woods and neutral colours.

Highlights of the Scandinavian Style


Wooden floors with lighter undertones are what makes this style standout. As wall to wall carpets are never used, some areas may use small rugs to define the space.

Eco-friendly materials

Scandinavian design promotes the usage of organic materials which are eco-friendly, sustainable and long lasting. Sustainable building material for flooring, walls and roofing are what sets this style apart from Scandinavian.

Cool and neutral colours

White walls and cool blues are the key colour scheme of the style. With some colours that rule the style, like blues, greys, soft pinks, in some houses , you may find a pop of colours here and there.

Minimum Accessories

Scandinavian aims at less is more premise. This holds true for even the home decor and accessories. Accessorise to the minimum and you will have less clutter and distractions.