How to choose a perfect sofa?

Looks and size can often tempt you to buy a sofa, but knowing how it is made will help you understand its longevity. Good-quality sofas consists of hardwood, coil spring and wool batting which is expensive; cheaper one can be made from softwood frames, webbing ( not coils), and foam.

1.Decide on size.

Sofas are available in many sizes, from compact two-seaters to huge sectional sofas that can accommodate whole families, Carefully measure your space and estimate which sofa size should be the best for you; additionally lay down a newspaper template , based on those dimensions to help you visualise the space they will take. This will definitely will you whether this is the right size or not.

2. Choose the style

A sofa is often the most dominant furniture of the living room, so the design you go for will decide the room's style. With many styles to choose from, sometimes combining old with new could also turn out great!

Styles that we recommend:


Streamlined contemporary sofas are suitable for minimally decorated rooms. Go for square, boxy shapes with firm cushions and plain feet in metal or wood. To achieve an informal look, look for a low back. If you want to lounge on it, add some throw pillows.