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How to utilise the Under Stair Area.

The area under the stairs is usually wasted in many homes, but with careful planning and designing the space can become a special area. What can be done depends on the dimensions of the available space, and considering whether custom-made furniture will help you use the space more efficiently.

Our design team has listed down ways that make the best of the space.


If you live in a duplex or if the stairs are a part of the living room, you can use it to hide your TV and other media equipments. Another use is that if your living room is small, you can use the stairs to make a media unit.

REMEMBER THAT YOU’LL NEED to install electric and AV wiring if you choose this option.


Built in seating can create a cozy nook for quiet reading or provide an extra seating in your living room. The seating can be made comfortable by accommodating a lounger for more comfortable reading.

Even a sofa with under storage can be placed depending on the dimensions.

CONSIDER INCLUDING A WALL SCONCE or clip- on light to illuminate the space.


Custom-built drawers use the space very well can are good to store shoes, gloves or any outdoor game equipment.

THINK CAREFULLY when choosing handles; streamlined or integrated (handle-less) types are most practical, but decorative ones can also be a consideration.


Tall cabinets on runners serve a good storage purpose of under stair space. Shelving within helps keeping them organised. This is one of the neatest ways to organise and store under stair area.

MAKE SURE CABINETS have “soft-close” fixtures so you only have to push lightly for them to close.


The under stairs area can be used to hang bulky outdoor clothes and bags so that they wont encroach on the thoroughfare of the hallway.


If the stair case area has enough head room, you can create a small home office area. Be sure to find or customise the furniture that will make good use of the space.

MATCH THE COLOUR SCHEME same as the rest of the room so that the workspace doesn't become the focus of attention.

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