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Kid's Room Decor

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Designing a kid's room takes an actual consideration of the designer as they have specific visions to decorate their room. Moreover, it needs to be accommodated with zones like playing, studying, sleeping or for some recreational activities like painting or dancing. However, the challenge is to find an equilibrium between a child's imagination and an adult's practicality. An another challenge is that the room should also be able to evolve over time as your kiddo grows. Following are the ideas to design the room for your younger ones.

kid's room design, interior design by lakkad works, creative interior designs for kid's room

Choose Flexible Furniture

Children grow up so fast and here comes the role of flexible furniture. For example, the small crib can be extended to a bigger one so that your baby can sleep in it for a number of years as he or she grows. Bed holds an utmost priority, as it takes the major part of your investment. We suggest to go for neutral colours that never go out of fashion. There must also be built-in storages in beds as the storage requirement tends to increase as your baby grows. But obviously, whatever you buy, it should be sturdy and of good quality to resist wear and tear of being in a child’s room, while being easy to clean. Wall mounted shelves can be used to store books, or other lightweight stuff. Beautiful baskets can be used for stuffed toys and legos

Creative Zones

No matter, how small your child’s bedroom is, the layout of the room should include distinct areas dedicated to sleeping (bed), playing (a rug, a toy storing box), studying (table and chair), reading (a chair). While planning a layout, it is very important to arrange for a handy storage cabinets in every zone. This feature keeps the room organised while imparting functionality to the layout. Zoning the room in this manner will help your child keep the room tidier.

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Provide a Study Space

Quiet study space with adequate lighting is required for kids to concentrate. It is ideal to look for a desk that is equipped with enough built-in storage to hold books and notebooks, files, stationary and other miscellaneous items used by your child. Secondly, look for a scalable study table that can be used by both a 10-year-old and an 18-year-old.

Work with sustainable Furniture Styles

Large pieces of furniture don't have to be replaced every now and then, so it is beneficial to avoid anything themed or over-particularly styled furniture. The choice of furniture should be such that their style does not stop appealing you in the future years. For instance, get a closet with detachable shelves for your kid's outfits which can further be converted to hang a teenager's outfits when needed.

Make Clothes accessible

These days, kids like to decide what they want to wear. So, it's a wise option to use the lower section of their closet to keep the daily wear clothes. And thus, save the top, less used area for occasionally worn dresses. Another point to be noted is that the closet design should be versatile so that, it can store your kid's clothes even when he or she turns into a teenager.

Make Space for Play

In order to inspire your child to indulge in playful activities, then it's your responsibility to dedicate a play area in his/her bedroom. Different age groups have different requirements. While toddlers will prefer to sit on a rug and play with toys, older children would like to sit on a bean bag at a cozy corner or a chair besides a bookshelf for reading. If space is limited, get space saving furniture designed according to the available area. For example, go for a bed on stilts and the play area beneath it.

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