Layout Consideration For The Hallway!

Updated: Oct 23, 2020

layout consideration for the hallway, interior designing by lakkad works

A hallway in a house or flat is a long, thin area just inside the front door, into which some of the other rooms open. It usually comes with little space for manoeuvring, area to accommodate a variety of bulky items like consoles, coat rack, mirror, shoe storage, or seating.

Hallway gives the first impression about your home interior and thus, holds an esteem in the eye of a beholder. Let's see how hallway can be decorated and made more functional.


One of the first-go way to adding functionality and beautifying the hallway is to place a console table. However, the position of the console should be wisely decided.

If your hallway is long and narrow, then it is best to place the console table - up against a left- or right-hand wall by the front door.

What if the hallway is too narrow to accommodate a console table?

Get a shelf hanged at a tabletop height supported by robust brackets.

But, if the hallway is wide hallway, you have various options to place the console even from the decorative point of view. If you plan to position it against a wall by the front door, position it centrally to give a balanced look or if it will stand opposite the front door, keep in mind that it will be first thing visible when someone steps inside.

layout consideration for hallway, placing mirror in hallway to add character to it. interior designing by lakkadworks


Another most essential way to utilise the hallway is to place a mirror. If there is a console table, hang the mirror centrally above it. It not only accentuates the beauty of the are but also gives you a sense of confidence when you check yourself while wandering around. But if the area is too small to accommodate a table, go for a long, floor to ceiling mirror adjacent to the front door so that hallway is illuminated with the reflected natural light and the creates an illusion of wider hall. Second way to make the room look bigger is by hanging a large mirror opposite to the front door.

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wall hung coat rack in hallway, layout consideration for hallway. home interior designing by lakkad works


Placing a coat rack is a logical addition to a hallway layout. If space is a restriction, wall-hung coat rack is a stylish alternative. Make sure to leave adequate gap between the racks while getting them installed, the coats are usually bulky.

Now, one may also get the racks concealed if things get cluttered or messy. Some of the options include sliding panel or door in front, or a contemporary closet may be your choice.

No doubt, a coat rack looks good in a hallway, but takes up floor space, so is best placed in a corner of a large hall.

ayout consideration for hallway. home interior designing by lakkad works. placing shoe storage in hallway to add functionality


Go for a slim-line shoe storage cabinet that maximises the vertical space yet maintaining the easy access to your shoes. In order to create a barely visible look for the shoe cabinet, choose the finish similar and coherent to the wall against it. Moreover, the top of the unit can be used as a console table where one can keep a few decorative items like a flower vase to add to the elegance of the room.

provide seating in hallway. ayout consideration for hallway. home interior designing by lakkad works


Last but not the least, keep some space for seating bench or pouffe while making the layout for the hallway. Creating seating in hallway makes it a fun way to stop and enjoy. Further, one can opt for shoe cabinets with seating on top for it is comfortable to put on your shoes when you are sitting. Another space savy option is to go for a bench with a lift-up lid so that there is more useful storage space available to you.

Adding a Wow factor to your hallway!

1. Add interest to the plain floor by laying a colourful or printed carpet. (Stripped runner gives the appearance of longer and wider hallway).

2. Get the hallway painted with bright and cheerful colours

3. Make a statement with an exquisite ceiling or table light.

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4. Create photo Gallery in Hallway. It is the most successful way of uplifting even the narrowest of the hallways.

5. Create a feature wall by either painting a wall to bright colour or using a mesmerising wallpaper,

6. Hallways serve as a perfect place to add an open shelving to display the books, magazines as well as the items of decoration.

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