Makeup Vanity Design Inspirations !

Updated: Nov 19, 2020

If your bedroom is of considerable size, you would definitely like to have a comfortable space to sit at while applying make up. A vanity is a real luxury unit to include in your bedroom, walk-in closet, or bathroom. Here are some design inspirations and tips for your makeup vanity designs. | +91-9999381022 |

Distinct makeup vanity styles to choose from !

Minimalistic floating Makeup Vanity, lakkad works, interior design, space saving makeup vanity
Minimalistic floating Makeup Vanity

Minimalistic Makeup Vanity

Minimalistic Makeup vanities generally includes a frameless mirror, thin legs and one or two drawers. Such vanities are ideal for compact spaces as they occupy minimal space in your bedroom. A mirror hanging on wall with a shelf with drawer to organise your lipsticks, blush on, mascara and brushes. Decorate it with a statement wall paper or light pastel shade paint at the back.

Place a magnifying glass and a lamp on the counter-top for better application of makeup. Keep in mind to avoid the fluorescent or yellow light completely.

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