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Makeup Vanity Design Inspirations !

Updated: Nov 19, 2020

If your bedroom is of considerable size, you would definitely like to have a comfortable space to sit at while applying make up. A vanity is a real luxury unit to include in your bedroom, walk-in closet, or bathroom. Here are some design inspirations and tips for your makeup vanity designs. | +91-9999381022 |

Distinct makeup vanity styles to choose from !

Minimalistic floating Makeup Vanity, lakkad works, interior design, space saving makeup vanity
Minimalistic floating Makeup Vanity

Minimalistic Makeup Vanity

Minimalistic Makeup vanities generally includes a frameless mirror, thin legs and one or two drawers. Such vanities are ideal for compact spaces as they occupy minimal space in your bedroom. A mirror hanging on wall with a shelf with drawer to organise your lipsticks, blush on, mascara and brushes. Decorate it with a statement wall paper or light pastel shade paint at the back.

Place a magnifying glass and a lamp on the counter-top for better application of makeup. Keep in mind to avoid the fluorescent or yellow light completely.

Time less grey Makeup Vanity, interior design, luxury makeup vanity, lakkad works, elite makeup vanity, minimalistic makeup vanity

Time less grey Makeup Vanity

The statement mirror with hanging lamp over the vanity gives a real luxury look to your room. The shelves with acrylic partition and orange edges go very well with grey vanity. Place your old school photos to add a vintage look to it.

Eclectic and Bohemian Style makeup vanity, seating with fur top, minimalistic makeup vanity, interior designing by lakkad works,
Faux Fur seat top

Eclectic & Bohemian Style

Unleash your colour choices and chose bright colours for the Bohemian style. But be careful to avoid any mismatch of colours.

Throw a rug on top of the stool to add to your bohemian style room decor. This unruly style allows you to go for wicker style vanity and choosing random bright colours that attracts you. Placing a feather over the vanity counter-top renders a very pretty look to your eclectic or bohemian inspired interiors.

Flip-top Makeup vanity, minimalistic makeup vanity, interior design by lakkadworks,, statement chair, timeless grey makeup vanity, elite look makeup vanity, multi-purpose makeup vanity

Flip-top Makeup Vanity

Flip top vanities are saviour for compact areas. When the counter-top is flipped down, it serves as your important workstation and when the counter-top is flipped up, the mirror appears and the storage in the table gives you a perfect place to organize your makeup essentials.

In other words, this type of makeup vanity optimizes your space and renders a less busy look at the same time.

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More inspirations for Flip-top Multi-purpose Makeup Vanities!, interior designs by lakkadworks, standing makeup vanity, naturally lightened makeup vanity, luxury bedrooms makeup vanity

Standing Makeup Vanity

This style is good for bigger rooms and those which receive plenty of daylight. It gives a classy and luxurious look to the room.

Contact our Design Team!, interior designs by lakkadworks, bollywood style well lit makeup vanity mirror, classic style makeup vanity, traditional makeup vanity

Hollywood style mirror

These are the traditional vanities with bulbs along the edges of the mirror. Once again, it is to be noted to avoid using yellow or fluorescent lights. No doubt, such styling of lighting ensures even light fall on face while looking in the mirror. This type of makeup vanity would not bore you for ages if you are a real hollywood fan!

, interior designs by lakkadworks, corner makeup vanity, scandinavian inspired makeup vanity, well lit makeup vanity, space saving makeup vanity, makeup vanity for compact spaces, minimalistic makeup vanity

Corner makeup vanity table

If you are low on space and want to utilise one of the favourite corners in our room, get a corner shaped makeup vanity installed over there! It is ideal to select a corner where there is plenty of natural light, preferably the corner adjacent or opposite to the window., interior designs by lakkadworks,  floating makeup vanity, pastel grey makeup vanity, well lit makeup vanity, easy to clean makeup vanity, clutter free makeup vanity, elegant makeup vanity

Floating Vanity

These vanities are a super duper hit in modern era as they facilitate easy sweeping of the floor. Moreover, floating furniture renders an illusion of bigger and organised space. In the picture, the lights placed at the entire length over the top edge of the mirror, this position of lights is another important way to avoid any shadow on face while looking into the mirror.
, interior designs by lakkadworks, scandinavian inspired makeup vanity, low cost makeup vanity, pastel shades makeup vanity, minimalistic wooden makeup vanity

Scandinavian-inspired Makeup Vanity

Scandinavian home decor is mostly composed of neutral or earthy toned, white surfaces and crisp lines. However, this is one of the sustainable interior statements, which are always in vogue. Minimalistic elements form a part of Scandinavian-inspired makeup vanity designs. Opt for lighter colour woods or white colour to keep up with this theme.

Luxury Makeup Vanities

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PRO tips to consider while designing a makeup vanity:

A well lit room is preferable for applying makeup. Always place the makeup vanity where there is plenty of daylight.

Make sure, there is enough floor space in order to move comfortably if you wear a heavy dress like a gown or a lehenga.

Get a stool which is comfortable to sit as well as easy to clean. It is brilliant to go for leather or vinyl top if there is any risk for spilling foundation.

A makeup vanity constitutes a distinct piece of furniture in your room, keep its style cohesive to the room interior style. Also try choosing a colour from the colour palette used in the room. For example, if you have vintage look home interiors, go for traditional style vanity with more or ornate designs, soft curves and details.

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