Most Trending Kitchen Designs in 2021

A modern home is incomplete without a clean and tidy kitchen extended into the living room.

As time is the most important possession, designing kitchen using special techniques allows people to integrate cooking, consumption and social gatherings with friends and family all in sync, and save a lot of precious time.

From a design point of view, this kind of grouping requires that overall look is not affected by unnecessary design elements and provides practical ,stylish and simple use. Therefore our team aims for designs that are flexible , movable and neat with elements that equip the kitchen without making the surrounding area too heavy.

Lets see the 5 trending 2021 kitchen trends that will get you all brainstorming and we have also included an additional tip at the end for you.

1.Metal Textures Blended With Contrasting Color Surface

Mostly, metal textures are used as an accent for framing of the Kitchen. Kitchen shelves are done in stones, usually granites, quartz, marble and occasional wooden accents.

In rare cases, metal is used for entire kitchen cabinet; when finished it has a great effect-especially in a more rustic environment ( mainly gold and silver lustre , copper and brass are used.)

White kitchen cabinet with mesh in polished brass

2. Use Hanging Lights To Illuminate ( Pendant Lights or Small Chandeliers)

Using hanging lights or fancy glass hanging lights or small chandeliers in some cases , if space allows, makes your kitchen space look more luxe. In modern design projects, hanging lights are preferred.

The hanging lights can be further used to focus or illuminate a particular area, for example, hanging light over the breakfast counter is trending these days.

Beautiful hanging lamps over breakfast counter