Picking The Right Wardrobe Design

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Hitting the right balance between style and purpose can be finding the right balance of style and functionality can be a task but it is certainly essential. Let's look at a few things that can guide you to select the right wardrobe design with functionality:

1) Selecting the Type

The type of wardrobe design is one of the important decisions you make when looking for a bedroom wardrobe. Choosing between free-standing or built one can be challenging. A free standing one can be easily moved or transferred to another room or even can be moved to another house in case you decide to shift. On the contrary, a custom built in wardrobe takes time to build but it gives you freedom to select the internal skeleton, colour, finish and material with which it is built.

2) What matters is size

The wardrobe should fit in the allotted space in the bedroom. It shouldn't be so huge and looming that everything else in the room is overshadowed yet it should fulfil your needs. The size mainly depends on the usage, intentions and number of people using the wardrobe.

In case your wardrobe has a separate or dedicated area and you are looking to keep a lot of things in it, going for an overwhelming one might just be right!

3) Style

With a broad spectrum of wardrobe design styles in the market, choosing the wardrobe design can be a tough decision. The primary thing to keep in mind is that the design should definitely be in sync with the theme, furniture and overall look of the bedroom. For example, if a room is lightly coloured, a contrasting dark colour wardrobe can be the highlight of the room. If so, carefully choose the finish and materials to perfectly fit in the room.

4) Storage Needs

The storage requirement for your clothing collection should be a key component when closing on your wardrobe design. For example, if your wardrobe mainly consists of dresses and formal wear, sufficient hanging space should be included in the design. If your wardrobe is accessories dominant, multiple drawers would be a good center of design-that way you can organise all kinds of accessories.