Spectacular Indian Bedroom Designs That Will Inspire You To Get Started.

As it is said: Home is where the heart is , but in the bedroom resides our soul. The bedroom is a peaceful place where you can relax and retreat after a hectic day at work. Its not surprising that we invest so much of our time choosing the right design for our bedroom which is both aesthetic and functional. As India is a multi cultured country, people from every culture have different likings and hence a wide range of designs to choose from. We have tried to bring together different design styles, based on different aspects such as storage, color and style, that are perfect for the Indian homes.


As interior designers, our customers reach out to us with different requirement. But the one thing common to all is the need for ample storage without making the interior feel bulky in design; and we take care of this very well in our designs.

#1: Bedroom With a Mix of Storage for all Your Needs

wardrobe and study table design
The wardrobe and study are perfectly aligned with the bay window seating which provides a great outside view

Every person has individual requirement which vary in accordance to likings, age and other factors; their storage needs also vary in the similar fashion. This bedroom comes with wardrobe storages with bay window seating ( with under-seat storage) , which is really in demand these days, and a medium sized study: for those work from home days!

#2: Chest of Drawer That Doubles as a Vanity Cum Side Board

Home interior in Gurgaon
The Chest of Drawer acts as vanity cum side board

One of the primary features of furniture design is that the furniture is multi-purpose. This perfect bedroom is a great example. The large chest of drawers is designed while keeping aesthetics in mind. It has ample storage but pair it with a mirror and you have a vanity as well a side board which you can decorate with candles and flowers or maybe a souvenir that you really like.

#3: Murphy Beds

Murphy bed deisgn in Noida
Murphy beds can be easily lifted up and are as comfortable as normal ones

If you are really tight on floor space, murphy beds can come to the rescue. While looking like a normal bed, murphy beds can actually be accomodated between the wardrobes and can be lifted up to reveal the floor space. It is best put to use in kids room, where kids can have ample space to play during the day. Its size can be customised according to the space.

#4: Vertical Storage

A Study cum storage unit with wall mounted vertical and drawer storages

Go vertical for more space in small bedrooms. Bedroom designs are needed to be designed with smart storage solutions due to compact size of our apartments. Bulky storages take up too much space in small rooms. Go for vertical and wall mounted storages that will keep the floor space free.

#5: Slick Sliding Wardrobes

Sliding modular wardrobe design Delhi
Golden PVD trims add an elegance to the sliding wardrobe

And last but not least, the Wardrobes. You can choose from different types-swing door, sliding, walk in , etc. But if you are tight on space, sliding options solve the purpose and look fancy if opted in glossy /reflective finish.

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What's there in a colour? Just go with the one you like....well....not really! Choosing a color depends on the decor of the space, the look and feel that you want to achieve and the amount of natural light a room gets. Additionally, some like to consider vastu as well!

#1: Happy Blues

best Master bedroom designs
Blissful blues!

Blue may be the ultimate bedroom color, thanks to its association with all things serene and calming, two essentials for a good night's sleep. In certain shades, blue is timeless enough to function as a neutral without being boring, while in other tones, it's bold, vibrant, and playful.

#2: Pretty in Pink