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Trending interior design themes!

Updated: Jan 20, 2021

Do you love interior design and are super keen to give your home a makeover, but don't have a clue where to begin?

These interior design themes are not only on trend, but will help you identify, which style you like the most and where you should start searching for more motivation.

Let’s get familiar around words like bohemian, contemporary, industrial, mid century modern, rustic and Scandinavian! We have included visuals to fill your ocular senses, we would love to know what interests you the most!

1. Art Deco Delight

"Flashy, patterned and exotic

Features of this interior design style includes bold, flashy elements, geometric shapes and graphic patterns, polished chrome or brass, glossy timber finishings, glass and mirrors and layered sultry lighting. It takes in inspirations from being bold and artistic expression with exotic touches, Originating from Paris in 1925, Art Deco is all histrionic and elegant.

2. Bohemian Beauty

“earthy, vintage, and worldly

If carefree is your style and is something which you fancy , Boho interior design is the one you will cherish. Purposefully messy, this style-with its inspiration from global travel, mementos and op shops finds-provide a warm ambience.

It fuses different textures and material from natural to metallic and tones from warm reds and purples and plenty of layering using pillows, rugs and blankets. Beaded decorations, tassels and handmade curtains are all fanciful insertions to the Boho interior decor style.

3. Classical Reflections

"symmetry, geometric, no “unnecessary frills”

Lovers of tradition, who enjoy rich, formal setting are likely to be drawn to the symmetry, sophistication yet simplistic and reliable design of the classic design. This style puts forward elements like gilded frames, heavy drapery and ornate woodwork.

Calm and neutral shades are used which makes the interior atmosphere soothing. Most often used olive, beige, cream, light green and gold colours in the finishing materials, furniture and textile. Natural brown( wood colour) can be used but to the limit that it doesn't make the room look gloomy.

4. Contemporary Cheer

"here, now, today: simplistic

Contemporary and modern interior design themes often get mixed. The clue to remember that "modern" touches on to a specific era ( mostly often the early and mid 20th century) whereas contemporary is inspired by designs of today; the here and now.

In the world of contemporary, the simplicity of white, greys, blondes and the excitement of occasional colour are being loved.

Contemporary style is simple in the sense that it permits wide use of the furniture and textile, it welcomes the mobility of decorative elements arrangement, and the flexibility to make changes depending on your mood.

5. Elegant Country

"nature, prints and easy going

Unlike the music, country interior design style catches every eye. Rather than drawing from the hustle bustle and hard city life, it draws inspiration from the calmness of the country lifestyle with nature as its stimulus.

Giving your home a perfect country side feel includes rustic charm, traditional patterns, wooden look and bringing outside in, which gives you a cottage feel. Try not to overdo things as it can ruin the whole feel of the style.

Country style boasts patterned and elegant furnishings to help to create that ambience.Therefore, you should avoid plain styles and go bright and beautiful when it comes to using patterns. Using tartan sofas and chairs which offers an elegant country feel.

It’s also a good idea to hang antlers in your living room and dining room as it brings in traditional and country side feel to your house. Also wooden flooring and cushions with blankets with an animal print are a great way to bring the outdoors in.

6. Hollywood Glam

"Opulent, luxury and glam

This home interior style is good for those who love to make a statement. Hollywood glam is the epitome of luxury with deluxe furnishings and over the top accent like velvets, metallics and rich colour palettes that includes reds, purples and blues.

It' is an amalgamated of styles without being messy: you may use hints of neoclassical, mid-century, art deco, boutique hotel and more.

7. Industrial Edge

"raw, industrial, fickle,funky

While this theme seems modern and funky, the design is actually quite a rustic and sensible. It takes advantage of raw finishes like exposed steel, timber and brick to create an edgy living area that's full of essence. It maintains the best quality design of the 20th century, bringing out all its undone beauty and fickle appeal. Industrial interior design style offers a unisex atmosphere that suits larger spaces whether its home or the office.

8. Mid Century Modern

"organic curves, contrasting materials ,understated look

Mid Century style is characterised by many factors. The style follows clean lines, gentle organic curves and a broad mix of materials and shapes.The style derives inspiration from mid 1930s to mid 1960s, however the quality of this style in particular is timeless and well appreciated to this day.

The distinct features consists of classic, understated look, and clean lines with minimal fuss. Here functionality is important as form follows function. Uncluttered space and sleek lines with both organic and geometric forms is a property of this style.

For colour and materials, wood, and non traditional materials such as metal, glass, vinyl and plywood is preferred. As for colour, the wide range from neutrals to gold and graphic use like black and white is included

9. Minimalist Musings

"less is more ,neutral, clean lines

Often embraced by Bachelors, the minimalistic design is easy keep clean. It is actually a house proud design marked by simple furnishings, neutral colour palettes and clean lines. Being minimal doesn't mean it's devoid of style, in fact its quite the contrary. When art is selected with care, the "less is more" mindsets carries along creativity, but avoids flamboyant excesses and unmanageable.

10. Nautical Escape

"beach houses, sea ornaments, blue palette

Inspired by the deep blue, nautical themes are occasionally seen in beach houses and seaside apartments as well as in restaurants and cafes which creates a sense of adventure and relaxation. Focal points area rustic furniture, sailing motifs, blue colour palettes and boating ornaments in abundance.

A striped blue and white pattern can provide a touch of nautical home design when used in any room setting. Stripped textile for window treatments gives a hint of the nautical theme.

Nautical stars, stripes, starfish, ships and anchors along with the colour palette should be used to achieve the nautical theme, but remember that only one of these should be the focal point in a room.

11. Oriental Mindset

"vivid, rich hues, asian, feng shui

Asian style interior design is also referred to as Oriental design, which showcases the cultures of Japan, China, Vietnam, Thailand and other prominent Eastern societies. Some prefer designs true to one style while many prefer combination of two or more cultural influences.

The most recognisable ones are Chinese and Japanese styles. While Japanese design is minimalistic with colours from natural world, Chinese design is more towards lush with richer lavish colours like golds, reds, jades and purples.

Feng shui is practiced while setting this theme, there is a set of ancient Chinese guidelines for proper placing of objects and buildings. Feng shui states that all objects have energy that is positive or negative, so energy balance should be achieved carefully.

12. Scandinavian Flavour

"Nordic design, muted colour palette, natural fibers

Inspired by the simplicity of Nordic life, Scandinavian design is an art form in itself. It takes create something stylish and cutting edge while being functional and simple. Colour palettes are preferred in white and muted colours.

Interior designed in this style: keeps white walls to emphasise light, a neutral-heavy palette with natural textures such as wood and stone , lacks carpets and wall treatments and simple no-fuss layouts that focus on minimalist and elegant interiors.

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