Wall Decor Ideas to Refresh your Space

Same dull and empty walls have started to annoy you? Read on to know how to freshen your walls. We have listed five possible additions you can add to make your empty walls and turn them into something stylish and eye-catching.

Irrespective of your preferences and likings, there are ideas that will perfect match for your walls.

1) Hang up mirrors

Mirror make any space look bigger as they reflect light. Moreover it is a good feeling to pass by a mirror every now and then. A really large mirror or multiple small ones of different sizes and shapes on the wall is a good addition to your bedroom or living room wall. This way the wall wont look sad and depressing to look at and will have a practical purpose rather than just making an aesthetic change.

2) Paint a mural

Unleash the artist in you and paint a mural across the wall of one of the walls. These murals transport you to a faraway magical place. You have the choice to paint a mural by hand or use a wall covering if you are not exactly in touch with your inner artist yet.The most difference you can make is only by painting by yourself, so why not give it a try? If you are happy with the outcome, you can repaint over again. You could also paint a story on one wall of a room and make it flow to another room.

3) Install shelving

When you think of shelves, what hits your mind? Books right? Flaunt your collection properly. Install bookshelves on your walls and give your book collection a prominent place in your home.

Some planters and artefacts can be used to add spots of colours on the shelves.

Floating shelves are another great option to display books that are your favourite, or some small sculptures and other ornamental piece.

4) Go Green

You don't need to have an outdoor garden or a backyard to grow plants, and neither are they limited to window sills. You could plant your very own vertical garden in your living room, or just add a few wall mounted climbers that will add some greenery. If maintaining plants in your living room is not your cup of tea , high quality faux-plants also serve the purpose and you will need to take absolutely no care, and no one will ever know.