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Ways to create a feature wall!

focal point is the one thing that every room and living room in particular needs. One way to achieve this is to create a feature wall that keeps your room's design theme more cohesive. If you have a particular theme, style or colour theme for the space, use that as a starting point for your wall feature.

6 Ways to make a feature wall which we that are love the most!

1. Wallpaper

Use a patterned wallpaper to create an impressive panel or wall in tones that predominate colours of your other walls.

2. Mirrors

Slim wall spaces can be made interested by hanging mirrors vertically. Odd number of mirrors add a more pleasing look.

3. Stickers

Wall stickers can be used to change to look and feel of the space fairly quickly while being economical and does not require you to be creative.

FOR LARGER DESIGNS, you will need an extra pair of hands to help you press the stickers onto your wall.


Combination of plates with different styles, shapes and designs on a wall brings in a different character to the wall. Make the display cohesive by choosing colour palette of three to four shades.

DRAW AROUND each plate to create a template and explore arranging in different configurations.

5. Photo Wall

A picture gallery with different sized frames that match in style or colour creates a good vibe feel on the wall. Choose black-and white photos for a really unified look.

6. Wood Panels

MDF panels can be covered with iron-on wood veneer or paint and can be attached to the wall to create a modern patchwork design.

FOR A MORE INTERESTING design, use panels of different sizes.

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