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What are different kinds of living room layouts?

Selecting the right layout for your living room is defined by the purpose and space available. While living room layouts decide the overall look and feel of the space, they also determine the movement space.We have determined four basic layouts so that a typical living room can function well when arranged according to several alternative principals.


Using the natural center of a room, furniture is placed around a common axis.

The benefit of this layout is that it is suitable for small spaces and you can define the area by placing a rug .

2. Dual Axis

A cross axis will focus attention toward the center of a room, while other features become a backdrop.

This layout takes in account the symmetry on both axis and maintains a harmony in seating arrangement while accommodating adequate side tables.

3. Local Symmetry

Separate seating areas makes a room feel larger. Using local symmetry can maintain harmony and balance within the room.

This layout is pretty much practical in scenarios where the living room is longer on one side or the living area is exceptionally large, the separate division actually makes the room eye pleasing and organised.


Unrelated groupings of furniture can result in a casual atmosphere within a room. This layout aims at a carefree and chill atmosphere

This layout is good where different kind of furniture are to be put together to create a living space.

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