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Wardrobe designs

Gray and wooden office theme in Noida
Acrylic wardrobe with handle less Pu fin

Designed at a couple residence: Dayanand Vihar New Delhi

Luxury veneer wardrobe in Shalimar bagh with tinted glass

The wardrobe is designer for a private home salon

Sliding wardrobe in router cut pvd inlay

This sliding wardrobe was designed for an elderly couple who wanted ample standing space in between their bed and wardrobe. The sliding feature makes it easy for them to reach and access the wardrobe internals.

full wardrobe with tv unit

full lenght wardrobe with tv unit

Modular wardrobe

Shore blue and pink dawn kids room wardrobe!

tinted glass wardrobe

Tinted glass wardrobe

Beige-capuchino walk in closet master bedroom

Beige-capuchino walk in closet master bedroom

Flowery leather print parents room wardrobe !
Aviator White wardrobe design

The blue and white combination makes the wardrobe a stand out unit in the room. The added shelves act as book storages.

Mustard Green Pearl Modular Wardrobe

Mustard Green Pearl Modular Wardrobe

Modular Wardrobe

A sliding design wardrobe with minimalistic outside and maximised storage inside!

Three column wardrobe

A fully customisable designed 3 column wardrobe with removable shelves to adjust the height of each shelf!

Edulis Gray Wardrobe

A multi compartment design that features a separate top storage for those less used stuff!

corner wardrobe
Dual Joy Modular Wardrobe design

The dual colour theme is not only eye catching but is made of most durable material and finish!

modular wardobe
modular wardrobe design1
modular wardrobe with study table
modular-wardrobe.hinge door designjpg
white acrylic wardrobe
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