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Modular Kitchens

With the countless hours you spend in your kitchen each day, great arrangements, unmatched kind, and stylish shapes simplify every minute you spend making it an enjoyable activity.

The sentimental point of your home, the Lakkadworks kitchen now moves you to indulge and bond with cooking.

Modular kitchen in Gurgaon

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Lakkad Works Does It Differently

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360 Degree Service

From design to installation of your modular wardrobe, our experts handle it all for you.

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Timely Delivery

With streamlined operations of design, manufacturing and supply, deliveries as promised have been made possible.

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Tailored for India

Efficient designs that work for the Indian houses. The precise proportions, veneers and fitments.

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5 Year Warranty

Providing you with an authorised warranty card, we cover all manufacturing defects.

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 Prime Indulgence

Customer focused approach that creates a premium design experience like no other.

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Distinctively You

Get together with our designers for designs that are fine-tuned for your space, style and pocket.

Cooking requires confidence and improvisation, so does Kitchen Designing


An ideal kitchen is not only eyeful, fine and practical but it also brings a family together. At Lakkad Works, we believe in creating aesthetic designs that serve purpose. Our experts draft every element of your ultimate kitchen with your needs, home layout and preferences in mind. Get in touch to choose from 1000s of designs and arrangements.

The Kitchen Layout Guide


The effective ‘Work Triangle’ keeps the three key appliances- fridge, oven/hob, and the sink/dishwasher within handy, and obstructed reach of each other allowing efficient and easy food preparation and storage, cooking and washing.

Ideal for two cooks.

Floor area should be atleast 8x8 feet

Mark areas for meal preparation, cooking and clean up.


Place the sink opposite or near the cooking area.

Use accents or decor to avoid the boxed in look.

Keep paths obstacle free.

Keep the kitchen triangle intact.

Avoid decor as it will make the area look cramped.

Perfect for studio apartments.


Light up dark corners.

Designate the longer area for meal preparation.

Free-up counter space, install overhead cabinets.

Divides large kitchens into efficient smaller working areas.

Provide enough space for movement.

Plan according to the island's main function.


Match island with the rest of the kitchen design.

Place pendant lights above the island.

Island can be the main social space in the kitchen.

Use Peninsula as breakfast corner.


Maximise storage

Group tall appliances together.

Don't break the kitchen triangle.

Separate meal prep, cooking and cleanup areas.

Great space saver.


Have enough space for appliance door to open.

Keep refrigerator and sink together, put stove on the opposite side.

Opt for shelves instead of cabinets

Install enough lights.

Does pull-outs for storage.

Allows for efficient workflow.

Consider backsplashes to add visual interest.

Place sink in between the refrigerator and stove.


Make use of additional storage.

Add a kitchen island if space permits or place a dining table nearby.

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Why Choose a Lakkadworks Kitchen?

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Moisture Resistant Innovation

Repels moisture from entering the core

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Refined Engineered Process

Automated process for error-free cabinets

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Superior Finishes

We deliver smooth and seamless finishes.

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5 Years Warranty

Upto 5 year warranty*

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Durable Structures

With sturdy structure and soft closing hinges.

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30 Days Delivery

From design to installation

Make your dream kitchen a reality...

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