How to design your modular kitchen on a budget!

Updated: Oct 23, 2020

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Modular Kitchen are being preferred more than ever in most modern Indian homes. They are ready to fix kitchens that are available in standard units and modules. The price range is generally in a fix range which enables to remodel our kitchens without burning a hole in the pocket. The estimated cost for a modular kitchen can range depending on the size of the kitchen. The price depends largely on the types of finishes, material, colours selected.

Here we have sewed together the best practices to keep those costs under control while pursuing the dream of your modular kitchen.

The selection of modules in the kitchen should be based on utilisation as components such as cabinets, accessories, countertops and appliances add up to the overall cost.

Lets Begin....

1. Remember the size and utility of the modular kitchen.

The size and the layout of the kitchen, whether U shaped, L shaped, Island floor plan, G shaped ,Galley ( parallel)or one wall directly alters the price of the kitchen. Undoubtedly, larger kitchens requiring more modules will come at a higher price. The usage determines the modules to be included. For example a person who works from home and enjoys eating home made food will make best use of the average sized kitchen having all the necessary modules. On the other hand a frequent traveller should opt for bare minimum modules for his modular kitchen.

2. Finish and Materials of the cabinets matter.

The cabinet materials and finish add up to the cost, a considerable part of the budget will go in buying and installing the cabinets. Finish options range from polymer, laminate, membrane to acrylic finish. Cabinets made from acrylic being scratch resistant are the most durable, glossy but expensive. Laminates are perfect for anyone who is on a tight budget.

Materials such as pre-laminated particle boards and MDF can be used to work in a low budget. Laminates with PVC membrane can be used to achieve the desired finish.

3. Choosing accessories like a monk, Wisely.

While choosing the accessories for a smaller modular kitchen, it is important to ensure proper use of space. It is necessary to select accessories that go with your kitchen design.

For example, if you love collecting and maintaining your crockery, then plate holders must be included in the list. A pantry unit on the other hand is ideal for larger families.

Accessorising also include proper placements of the kitchen cabinets including drawers, pull outs, under sink baskets , etc. The minimum accessory depends on the available space and the size of cabinet modules. Prices ranges by materials used and brand, so it is easy to find accessories to fit almost any budget.

4. Countertop material is important.

Natural high end finishes offered by quartz and polished granite make them preferred for kitchen countertops. Striking materials such as glass, metal or natural stone have made their way into modular kitchens. However, while being aesthetically pleasing, countertops should serve functional aspect of the kitchen. If your budget does not allow for expensive materials like quartz and polished granite, you can go for wood, limestone or slate. On the other hand, laminate countertops are also a viable option when constrained by a budget. Contrastingly, hard natural stones such as black granite continues to be the preferred material as they are relatively scratch and stain resistant and can withstand heavy usage.

5. Going for built in appliances as per your utility.

Modular kitchen price upscales with every additional appliance that you decide to include in its design. Most modular kitchen concepts feature built in appliances such as dishwasher, ovens in addition to standard design. To keep a hold on the costs, ensure opting for appliances that you will regularly engage with so that you do not make any dead investments that also take a toll on your precious storage spaces.

Modular kitchens have gained immense popularity is due to availability in wide range of prices and designs. With the right and planned design, a modular kitchen is not only eye catching but also pocket friendly.