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10 Indian Furniture Pieces Making a Comeback to Modern Luxury Furniture  

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May 29th, 2024

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Modern and minimalistic furniture trends have recently left many homeowners longing for traditional pieces that carry a sense of history and cultural significance. This shift from tradition to modernity has resulted in a disconnection between contemporary interiors and traditional decor

Therefore, a revival of Indian classical furniture becomes a compelling solution. With its artistic craftsmanship and classic appeal, traditional customised furniture is making a comeback. This removes the gap between modern needs and cultural heritage.   

This trend not only bridges the gap but also brings back the freshness of tradition and culture and the classic aesthetics that are missing today. If you are keen to look for interior inspiration for Indian heritage that blend into your residential interior design and decor, you are at the right place! Let us get started with discovering the beauty and significance of traditional Indian furniture. 

10 Furniture Pieces from Indian Traditions Blending into Modern Living

1. Explore the Traditional Indian Cot (Charpai)

The Traditional Indian Cot is Revived for Authenticity

The traditional Indian cot is woven with durable ropes on a wooden frame. It is being revived as a stylish and functional piece for indoor and outdoor settings. 

This piece of furniture has a rustic charm and connection to Indian villages, so it adds a touch of tradition to contemporary spaces.  It is perfect for both indoor and outdoor settings. The Indian cot is authentic in its design and appeal.  

2. Find Luxury in Maharaja Chairs

Text: Maharaja Chairs are Revived for the Royal Appeal

These giant chairs are carved artistically on high-quality solid wood. They can be your favorite statement pieces in the living room. The design has a royal appeal and a rich history.  

This historical piece can add grandeur to your interior decor.  Adding this chair certainly adds a sense of luxury to the interior.  

3. Bring Back the Swing (Jhoola)

Swings have Returned with Modern Versions

Found in almost all traditional homes, the swing is a crucial part of conventional home furnishing. Now, it is making a comeback in various shapes and sizes. It is being reinvented in various types and kinds.  

Moreover, the concept of swing is also being carried into modern versions. It adds charm to the sitting area and fits best on balconies and small spaces.  Swings are loved by children as well as adults which is why its popularity never decreases.  

4. Give Way to Low Wooden Stool (Chowki)

Low Wooden Stools are Remodeled with Patterns and Colours

Low wooden stools were often used as seating or side tables. In recent times, this concept has been reimagined with new designs and finishes.  

Their compact size and traditional appeal make them timeless pieces for small spaces.  These days, they are being remodelled with beautiful patterns and colours.  

5. Keep Space for Daybed (Diwan)

Daybeds Offer Comfort and Traditional Outlook

Daybeds used to be a staple piece of furniture in Indian households. They are low in height and furnished with plush cushions. These daybeds offer comfort and serve as cozy seating spaces. 

During the night, they can be transformed into beds. These daybeds are now being revived in various designs.  The carved wood of the daybeds is the primary highlight.  

6. Invest in the Prayer Unit (Mandir)

Traditional Prayer Units are Restored with Modern Designs

Almost every Indian household has a dedicated space for worshipping. Pooja Mandirs have been quite famous since ancient times. With a revival, these shrines are being recreated with modern designs.  

These shrines include compartments for storage. They are mostly made of wood and have carvings throughout. Nowadays, luxury residential interior designers find a way to light it up beautifully as well.   

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7. Re-think on Floor Seating (Baithak)

Floor Seating Returns with Comfort and Multi-Usage features

Baithaks are traditional areas for floor seating that are making a comeback in Indian homes. They are beautiful with vibrant cushions and low tables to create an inviting atmosphere.  

Baithaks offer relaxed, informal sitting and can be placed in living rooms, courtyards, and balconies.  This floor sitting is not just popular for its traditional usage but also for the comfort it provides over chairs.  

8. Get Aesthetic with Storage Chest (Manjusha)

Traditional Storage Chests Come Back for the Intricate Carvings

Traditional Indian storage chests are now regaining popularity as they are both decorative and functional. They look aesthetic with intricate carvings and serve as storage solutions in bedrooms.  

These chests have ornamental designs and become focal points of interest. Storage chests made of dark wood engraved with carvings give a royal and vintage look to the interior.   

9. Go for the Floor Cushions (Gadda)

Floor Cushions Provide Comfort and Portability for Get-togethers

Floor cushions act as versatile seating options in Indian homes. They come with colorful covers and plush padding. These cushions are famous for their comfort and portability. Indian get-togethers are always inviting with these cushions. They create spaces where family and friends can relax.  Such customised furniture is getting popular by the day.  

10. Make Space for Peacock Chairs

Just like the peacock’s body, the back of these chairs is curved. They look graceful when placed indoors and can become statement pieces in the interior. Peacock chairs are mostly made of wicker or rattan and are durable as well as elegant.  

Peacock chairs can be a beautiful option to place in a living room, bedroom, or even a balcony – a perfect spot to relish and relax.  

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The contemporary home decor reflects a growing awareness of cultural history and craftsmanship. This has happened with the revival of traditional Indian furniture. These classic artifacts, which range from diwans to pooja mandirs, bring personality and warmth to any living area. They help us embrace modern lifestyles while staying connected to our heritage.  

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