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A Comprehensive Guide to Choosing the Right Sofa for Your Living Space

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February 28th, 2024

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While deciding on modern luxury furniture options for our living space, we often put the sofa as the focal point of the interior that anchors the space and defines its ambience. Beyond its functional purpose as a living room seating option, a well-chosen sofa set can significantly influence the overall interior design and feel of the living room.
However, finding the right sofa for your interior design from the numerous options available in today’s market can be quite overwhelming. That is why we have created a checklist to guide you through selecting sofa sets and lounge seating options. Here, we will share everything from the most common sofa styles and upholstery trends to colour schemes and fabric choices. So, let’s get started!

How to Choose the Perfect Sofa for Your Interior Design

1. Decide on Size

Decide on Size

From compact two-seaters to huge sectional sofas that can accommodate whole families, sofas are available in many sizes. Carefully measure your space and estimate which sofa size would be best for you.

The most common principle interior designers follow to get the right proportions of modern luxury furniture like a sofa is to get a piece that’s about two-thirds of the wall length. Alternatively, if you don’t require additional seating space, you can choose a sofa for the interior design, measuring less than two-thirds of the wall’s length. This rule will leave enough space in your living room for adjustments according to your requirements.

It is wise to consult a professional residential interior designer to evaluate your space and recommend the right sofa size to maximise space utilisation.

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2. Select from the Different Types of Sofas

Select from the Different Types of Sofas

There are a variety of sofas available in different styles and shapes. Consider your preferences and requirements and get a sofa set that matches the interior design of your living room.

The following are some of the most common sofa styles for living space our interior designers recommend:

  •  Contemporary Sofa

This type of contemporary sofa set is suitable for minimally decorated rooms. Go for square, boxy shapes with firm cushions and plain feet in metal or wood. If you want to lounge on it, add some throw pillows.

  • Traditional Sofa

If you are looking for a family-friendly pick, get a traditional-style sofa for the interior design of your living space. These sofas usually include high back and slim neat arms, which are either straight or slightly curvy.

  • Chesterfield Sofa

Although this is a traditional sofa design, it can also be a great option for modern rooms, particularly if covered in distressed leather or fabric. The height and angle of the back and arms make it comfortable for sitting but not for lounging.

  • Button-back Sofa

The button-back detailing enhances traditional aesthetics, making this sofa style ideal for the interior design of period homes.

  • Informal Sofa

An informal-styled sofa has hidden legs and a selection of throw pillows rather than larger, overstuffed back cushions. Residential interior designers use these sofas for comfort rather than for looks.

  • Curved-back Sofa

If you want a sofa for your interior design that balances both contemporary and traditional styles, curved-back sofas are for you. This neat, formal sofa style features a high curved back dropping down to form steep, slightly angled arms at each end.

  • Recliner Sofa

If you have watched the F.R.I.E.N.D.S., you can literally feel the comfort of recliners from Chandler and Joey’s expressions. Recliner sofas have single-seat sections within their backs that can recline and a footrest that rises to provide you with the ultimate comfort if not style. Usually, you can operate the recline function manually or with a motorised remote control, depending on the one you choose.

  • L-shaped Corner Sofa

You can opt for L-shaped corner sofas if you have a large and open-planned living room, or your home is designed for multigenerational living. You can place this sofa against two adjacent walls to fill an otherwise insignificant corner space or position it in the centre of the room to separate the living area from the rest.

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3. Choose the Fabric

Choose the Fabric

The material you choose for your sofa not only contributes to its final look but also affects its price, durability, and maintenance efforts. There are multiple options available for the fabric of a sofa, including cotton, linen, leather, microfiber, etc.

Consider the following rules while choosing the sofa fabric:

  • Get microfibre sofas to reduce the risk of wear and strain. They are easy to clean, making them ideal for long-term use.
  • For a unique soft texture and warmth, opt for velvet upholstery. It also provides exceptional comfort and durability for a luxurious seating experience.
  • Linen and cotton are highly breathable and easy to maintain, making them ideal for active families.
  • For more affordable options, you can choose polyester blends.
  • If you have a child or pet at home, opt for stain-resistant fabrics.
  • Get low-maintenance options like slip-covered sofas if upkeeping is difficult for you.
  • If you are placing the sofa in a space exposed to sunlight, opt for fade-resistant and UV options.
  • Prioritise eco-friendly fabrics like cotton, canvas, linen, or wool if you are a sustainability champion.
  • If you want a modern organic interior, incorporate textured fabrics into your upholstery.
  • Some companies offer customisation with COM (customer’s own material) options for a personalised touch.

4. Consider the Sofa Filler

Consider the Sofa Filler
When selecting a filler or stuffing for your sofa, you’ll encounter three primary material options: foam, down, or a mixture of the two.

While foam offers resilience and retains its shape well, down provides a softer and more luxurious feel but requires regular fluffing to maintain its loft. However, down may shed and poke through the fabric, which can be extremely uncomfortable. So, consider a combination of foam and down fillers, such as cushions with a foam core surrounded by down, to enjoy both support and comfort. Apart from down and foam, there are multiple other sofa filler options available in the marketplace, including coir, feathers, polyester wadding, etc.

5. Check Couch Cushion

Check Couch Cushion
Although there are several types of cushion options for sofas, the most common ones are either multiple cushions or a single cushion.

Single-cushion sofas are all about a sleek, formal, more put-together look than sofas with multiple cushions. They also have more flexible seating since there are no prebuilt seat settings. More people can squeeze in comfortably without worrying about the cracks between cushions. Therefore, you can also use it to create a makeshift daybed for napping.

On the other hand, multi-cushion sofas are more useful if you have a child at home and need to replace a particular section because of stains.

Other couch cushion types include bullnose, box, and button. While box cushions are square, bullnose cushions have a slight curve to their edges with a puffier look and button cushions are more textured and stiffer.

6. Pick the Right Colour

pick right color

The colour you choose for the sofa must be in sync with the overall aesthetic of your living room. That’s why interior designers recommend customised furniture for your home to coordinate the colours of all the furniture and walls. Think about the look and feel you are aiming for and decide on the colour palette accordingly.

You can also consider the following tactics to match the colour of your sofa with your interior design:

  • Choose neutral tones like beige, brown, white, ivory, etc., for versatility.
  • Get bold or accent colours like royal blue, maroon, pink, etc., to create a contrast with your existing living room decor.
  • Consider the size of the room, the colours of your other modern luxury furniture, and the desired visual impact to select the colours accordingly. For instance, if you have a small room with white walls, go for a pastel blue sofa.
  • Think about maintaining and cleaning ease before finalising the colour. Avoid light shades if you have a small kid or pet.
  • Test fabric samples in different lighting conditions.
  • You can also consult an interior designer and use colour psychology to evoke desired emotions.

7. Try Different Patterns and Designs

Try Different Patterns and Designs
Some sofas feature welting or piping, which can effortlessly elevate your seating area. Alternatively, some sofas come trimmed with nailheads, which are available in metal options like bronze, chrome, brushed gold, and nickel.

In addition, the legs of a sofa can significantly impact its design. While furniture services and artisans usually use bun feet on the sofa to make it a piece of modern luxury furniture, straight legs, such as tapered wood legs, are used to create a timeless appeal. On the other hand, you can opt for turned legs to add a vintage touch to your living room aesthetic.

Apart from the sofa legs, you can experiment with different upholstery patterns, such as ticking stripes, florals, or animal prints. However, solid fabrics are more popular as a timeless and flexible choice.

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Where to Find Customised Sofas and Couches

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