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How Can You Create a Show-Stopping Featured Interior Wall Design?

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July 8th, 2024

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Do your bedroom and living room need to be more modern to your taste? Adding a feature wall can give them life! Making any room stand out without a significant makeover can be challenging.  

Yet, adding one featured wall in your creative interior design is an inexpensive and straightforward way to provide any place with some flair and add visual interest. Vivid colours, texture wallpaper or customised artwork are just a few ways how feature walls can customise any space to meet any taste or budget.  

6 Ways to Create a Feature Wall in Your Home Interiors

Let’s look at some inventive and creative methods of turning any wall into an eye-catcher design!  

1. Use Bold Paint Colours

Use Bold Paint Colours for Attention

One easy and quick way to create a feature wall is to paint one in a vibrant contrasting shade, like red, rich green or deep blue. Choose one that complements the interior decor while simultaneously standing out against other walls.  

Vibrant red, rich green or deep blue are some examples of eye-catching colours which will grab people’s attention right away. This technique works great in kitchens, bedrooms and living spaces alike.  

It allows you to play around with hue without needing to renovate whole rooms! Premium paint produces better results, while priming is necessary if you are painting over deeper tints such as dark hues for your interior wall design 

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2. Install Textured Wallpaper

Install Textured Wallpaper for Spohisticated Looks

Textured wallpaper adds depth and intrigue to a showpiece wall with dramatic textures like brick or wood grain, delicate patterns such as linen or grass cloth and more. Textured wallpaper provides an economical solution to achieve sophisticated looks by simulating materials that might not otherwise fit in with the space.  

This helps in making living rooms or bedrooms feel cosy and welcoming while adding patterns without taking over your design scheme. Keeping the design consistent on your interior wall paint ensures that all other furnishings complement this texture to maintain the design harmony.  

3. Create a Gallery Wall

Create a Gallery Wall with Creative Artworks

A gallery wall displays decorative objects, pictures and artwork in an eye-catching manner. Start by choosing frames and accessories that express your style before arranging them on the floor or hanging them.  

With this technique, you can showcase priceless moments and unique artwork while turning your interior wall design into a hub of creativity that is easily adaptable and altered when your preferences shift as well. For more interesting visuals, consider mixing different frame sizes and designs.  

4. Incorporate Wooden Panelling

Incorporate Wooden Panelling for a Rustic Charm and Texture

Wood panelling adds organic warmth and charm to a focal wall, from shiplap and beadboard styles to salvaged wood pieces.  

For further personalisation, wooden panels may be left natural, painted, or stained to suit your design preferences for rustic charm. Wooden panels also bring texture and timeless charm that make any space unique. 

The installation may require professional services, but the result will be an impactful statement about how your room appears and provides long-term durability and style in your living area or bedroom space.  

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5. Use Wall Decals or Murals

Use Wall Decals or Murals for Adaptable Decor Options

Wall decals and murals offer creative and adaptable decoration options for feature walls. Decals are great options for renters or anyone who enjoys regularly switching up the decor, as they’re easily installed or removed. 

For an individual touch, choose decals with patterns, sayings or natural themes. But murals take this a step further by turning walls into works of art with personalised images, abstract motifs or landscapes painted for your wall decor interior. This is an effective technique to set the right atmosphere in the kid’s bedrooms or other places!  

6. Add Built-in Shelving

Add Built-in Shelves for Utility and Visual Appeal

Built-in shelving adds both style and utility to a prominent wall, providing visual appeal while offering storage solutions for personal collections, plants, decorative items, books, etc.  

Ideal for living rooms, home offices, as well as bedrooms, built-in shelves add functionality as well as charm to the wall. They add architectural detail while maximising space, making built-in shelving an eye-catching choice for any interior!  

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Connect With the Best Interior Design Firm for a Feature Wall

Create an eye-catching feature wall in any room to bring life and charm to your home interiors. A feature wall makes an instant statement, providing the ideal place for guests to gather. Whether you love bold colours, textured wallpaper, art galleries or built-in shelving, there are endless ways to express yourself through the featured wall and bring out its true potential.  

At Lakkadworks, we specialise in turning ordinary walls into extraordinary features that reflect who you are as an individual and enrich the appeal of the interior design of your home.  

Lakkadworks is one of the best residential interior designers that assists in choosing the ideal approach, one which complements both existing decor and aesthetic preferences. Our talented designers offer custom solutions tailored specifically for you to ensure a smooth experience that exceeds expectations.  

Let us bring your visions of beautiful walls into reality so that they not only look stunning but feel unique to you. Contact us now so that we can make your feature wall an eye-catching element in interior design! 

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