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What Are Some Vastu Shastra Tips for a Happy Home?

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June 21st, 2024

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Creating a calm and joyful home in our hectic lives can be difficult. Many people don’t realise why they feel anxious or uneasy in their homes. An old Indian architectural technique called Vastu Shastra provides reliable answers to these issues.  

Enhancing pleasure and well-being centres on setting up your house in harmony with the laws of nature. This blog will provide simple Vastu Shastra tips for home to assist you in creating a harmonious and upbeat interior design.  

Create a comfortable, happy, and supportive environment at home by following these tips and making them a part of your daily routine. 

8 Excellent Vastu Shastra Tips for Your Home Design

1. Choose the Right Entrance Direction

Choose the Right Entrance Direction for Prosperity

The energy of your house is accessed through the main entrance. Vastu Shastra states that the direction in which you open your door affects how the energy flows inside.  

The entrance should ideally be facing east, northeast, or north. Because they let light and good vibes into your home, these directions are said to be fortunate. Your main door should not face southwest or south, as these directions tend to attract negative energy.  

Make sure the entrance is clear of obstructions, spotless, and well-lit. To add to the positivity, you can put lucky symbols or a lovely nameplate close to the door. To represent strength and protection, confirm that the door is built of solid material and that it opens in a clockwise manner. 

2. Balance the Five Elements

Balance the Five Elements for Well Balanced Interior

The foundation of Vastu Shastra is the balancing of the five elements of nature: Earth, fire, air, water, and space. Harmony can only be achieved in your home when each aspect is suitably represented.  

To promote calmness and good energy, for instance, locate water features in the northeast or north, such as aquariums or fountains.  

A kitchen or fireplace that symbolises the fire element, should be pointed southeast. To represent the soil element, arrange earthy objects and potted plants towards the southwest.  

To balance the elements of air and space, make sure there is enough light and ventilation. By carefully combining these components, you can establish a peaceful and well-balanced interior that nurtures well-being. 

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3. Optimise Bedroom Placement

Optimise the Bedroom Placement for Positive Energy

The bedroom must be positioned according to Vastu, as this is where you rest and recover. As stability and power are symbolised by the southwest corner of the home, this is the ideal location for the master bedroom.  

To encourage healthy and peaceful sleep, position the bed such that your head points south while you’re sleeping. Avoid putting mirrors immediately opposite the bed as they might reflect negative energy.  

Keep the interior of the bedroom clutter-free. To create a calm atmosphere, use soft lighting and calm colours. Electronic devices should not be used in the bedroom since they can interfere with your sleep. You can design a calm and relaxing area by adhering to these vastu shastra tips for home. 

4. Arrange Your Living Room for Positivity

Arrange Your Living Space for Welcoming Ambience

As the centre of social activity in your house, the living room should be set up to encourage good vibes and good interactions. It should ideally be in your home’s northeast, east, or northwestern regions.  

As this promotes constructive discussion, arrange chairs such that people are facing either the east or the north when seated. Maintain an open, well-lit space. To create a welcoming ambience, paint the walls and decor in light and warm colours.  

Clear the furniture that interrupts the passage of energy, such as sharp corners. Plants, artwork, and soft lighting are great ways to add some greenery and make the space feel more inviting. 

5. Maintain a Clean and Organised Kitchen

Maintain a Clean and Organised Kitchen for Well-being

The kitchen, which is connected to nutrition and well-being, is the centre of health in your house. According to Vastu, the kitchen should be in the southeast corner, which symbolises the fire element.  

Make sure the stove is positioned so that the cook can face east when cooking. It is regarded as lucky. Maintain a tidy and clutter-free kitchen to foster a good vibe.  

Make use of vibrant, warm hues that convey energy and life, such as red, orange, or yellow. It is not advisable to put the kitchen next to or directly below the bathroom because this can cause health problems.  

Maintaining a tidy kitchen is beneficial to your family’s well-being. 

6. Create a Balanced Workspace

Create a Balanced Workspace for Concentration

The layout and positioning of your home office or study space are crucial for concentration and productivity. The north or east of your house is the ideal location for your workspace.  

When working, turn your desk so that your face is towards the north or east. It is thought that this orientation improves creativity and focus. Maintain a distraction-free, orderly, and clean workstation.  

Employ soft or neutral hues to establish a relaxing atmosphere. Include adequate ventilation and natural light. Your focus may be disturbed if your workspace is next to or under a beam, so keep those things out of the way.  

You can increase your productivity and success by organising your workspace in a balanced manner. 

7. Enhance the Centre of Your Home

Enhance the Centre of Home for Harmony and Connection

According to Vastu Shastra, the Brahmasthan or the centre of your house, is a potent area. To allow free energy flow, it should be well-lit, open, and free of clutter.  

Heavy furnishings or constructions should not be positioned in the centre since this can disrupt the flow of energy and lead to an imbalance. Maintaining balance and harmony throughout your house is facilitated by keeping this space clear and open.  

This area can be made more welcoming and energetically good by adding bright colours and straightforward decor. This will help to create a harmonious connection between all the rooms in your house. 

8. Keep Bathrooms Vastu Friendly

Keep Bathrooms Clean and Closed to Avoid Negativity

Toilets and bathrooms have an impact on the energy and cleanliness of your house. The best places for them are the northwest or southeast corners, far from the living room and kitchen.  

To avoid the accumulation of bad energy, make sure that they are kept clean and have adequate ventilation. Keep the interior decor simple and use neutral colours. To stop energy loss, make sure the doors are constantly closed.  

Maintaining plumbing and drainage systems properly is crucial to preventing problems with water. You can prevent these spaces from interfering with the positive energy flow in your house by adhering to these rules. You can get in touchh with the best interior designers in gurgaon for a vastu friendly home design.  

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