False ceiling Design Ideas!

False ceiling hangs below the main ceiling. It is an important element of modern construction and architecture in both commercial and residential applications. There are various advantages of false ceiling which includes acoustics balance, reduction of energy consumption, aesthetic appeal, etc.

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Geometric Design Wooden False Ceiling

Let's look at the benefits of false ceiling !

  • It adds an aesthetic appeal to the area by hiding the duct work, piping or wiring while allowing access for repair and inspection. For example, if fire sprinklers are concealed by the false ceiling, the appearance becomes more attractive.

  • False ceiling is the best aid to maintain Acoustic Balance in rooms. Insulations are installed above the panels to make the place soundproof. So, the adjacent rooms are kept quieter.

  • Constructing the false ceiling, adds sustainable features to the interior designs. Such features include energy efficiency and increased use of recyclable or renewable resources.

  • It is evident that dropped or false ceilings have higher return on investment (ROI) over open ceiling.

  • The high vertical roofs, which makes the furniture looks tiny, can be lowered down by the false ceiling and thus, renders a proportionate appearance to the room.

  • False ceiling slashes energy consumption as it involves the utilisation of LED lights.

Modern innovations have offered a plethora of options in size, colours, visual effects, materials and shapes for the false ceiling.

Types of False Ceiling on the basis of ceiling design or pattern :

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Single layered

It is ideal for small rooms and doesn't lower down the actual roof height. Thus, the room looks bigger and well-illuminated.


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Multi layered

This type of ceiling has a very impressive appearance and gives a grandeur feeling to the ambiance. Moreover, multi-layered false ceiling offers a platform to play with lighting position and colours. We suggest to use such ceiling in bigger rooms.

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Plus Minus Pop false ceiling

Such type of design includes cut in and out style where certain elements protrude out and some elements are tucked into the regular false ceiling.

Most popular false ceiling shapes are wooden slats, intricate lattice, inverted cove, peripheral ceiling, geometric design and box ceiling.