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Top 11 Interior Design Trends for 2024

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February 20th, 2024

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2023 had been a year of affordable luxury, minimalism, modular interior set-ups, and multifunctional furniture. It has also witnessed the comeback of some historical architectural designs and interior design principles like Japandi and Feng Shui. Now, as we look ahead, 2024 has a lot of new possibilities for home remodelling and design innovation. This year, design professionals and interior design service providers are expecting to welcome trends that will make your home more inviting and full of character.

So, whether you are thinking about complete home renovation or simply remodelling a single room, our expert interior designers are here with the most trending interior designs of 2024 to make your home one-of-a-kind. Let’s get started!

What are the Top Interior Design Trends for 2024?

1. Biophilic Design

biophiic design

Incorporating natural elements into your interior spaces has been trending for the last few years as urbanisation progresses rapidly. Also known as biophilic design, this interior decorating idea includes using plants, natural light, and water features to create a sense of connection to the natural world. Interior designers expect this trend to reign in the design world this year as well, to create healthy, sustainable spaces.

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2. Curved Furniture

curved furnituree

According to expert home decorators and residental interior design service providers, we will see exceptional demand for curved furniture in 2024. Curved furniture, like sofas, armchairs, coffee tables, etc., adds contrast and depth to a space. As a result, it creates a modern aesthetic while still being functional.

However, curved sofas are not always the most comfortable choice for seating. In that case, you can use a classic straight sofa and pair it with an extra-curvy coffee table or side table for a contrasting design

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3. Quiet Luxury

quiet luxuary
Quiet luxury has been one of the trending interior design ideas on TikTok in 2024. Although initially it was a fashion trend, now it has made its way to interior design as well. Interior designers define quiet luxury as a style that takes you back to the basics with simple design principles and high-quality materials. It is basically about investing in quality materials and furniture that will remain a staple in your home for years to come. Residential interior design service providers create clean and thoughtfully curated interiors with neutral tones and highquality materials like wood, marble, and cashmere linens.

4. Brown Hues

browns hues
This year, we will continue to see the increased use of brown as the signature colour for home interiors. A survey conducted by the New York Design Center on design trends revealed that over 90 percent of respondents answered brown as the colour of choice in 2024. Although design professionals primarily used brown in fabrics and textiles in the past year, it has now become a staple in cabinetry and case goods as well. Brown has been a popular choice in most interior design services because of its warm, rich, and rustic appeal that acts as a great neutral to layer with other colours. Expert interior designers predict that while dark brown is the most popular choice, shades of yellow (caramel), light brown, and grey will be some of the top picks this year.

5. Textured Walls

textured walls

Although the slick, high-gloss finish on the wall has the power to turn any room into a hall of mirrors, it has lost its app appeal in recent times. In 2024, rushed or hand-applied finish and hand-tooled plaster will take over the glossy finish. Interior designers expect textured walls with wooden patterns or three-dimensional walls to be a hot favorite this year.

6. Bold Colours

bold clolors

Vibrant colours and bold hues are a trend that is becoming increasingly popular in interior design every day. Design professionals prefer bold colours to add personality and energy to the interior of your living spaces. Whether it’s a vibrant accent wall or colourful furniture, bold colours can add fun and playfullness to any room.

7. Alternative Sustainable Materials

sustainable materials
With a growing emphasis on eco-friendly materials and energy-efficient lighting and appliances, sustainable practices have become a priority in interior design. Nowadays, interior designers focus more on the materials and their source to create more environmentally conscious spaces.

For instance, manufacturers are using a blend of aloe fibers and wool as well as eucalyptus silk to make eco-friendly rugs.

8. Smart Home Technology

smart home tech
As innovations continue to come our way, the use of smart home technologies will only increase with time. These home technologies allow homeowners to control their home’s features, such as lighting, temperature, and security, with a simple voice command or tap of a button. In 2024, interior decorators will continue incorporating smart home technology into home designs to make them more functional and technologically advanced.

9. Statement Ceilings

statemewnt ceilings

In 2024, more home decorators will use the ceiling as a focal point, with bold colours, patterns, or unique materials. Statement ceilings can add a touch of drama to any room, particularly in spaces with high ceilings.

10. Everything Artisanal

everything artisanal
Handcrafted artisanal pieces and walls will continue to shine in home interiors in 2024. Whether it’s terracotta tile, signature pottery pieces, hand-painted murals, or hand-carved wood furniture – these artisanal additions are a celebration of imperfections. These one-of-a-kind, hand-tooled pieces can change the overall look and feel of your home

11.High-tech Lighting

high0tech lightning
The lighting in your room has the power to make or break your mood. That is why interior LED lighting will play a crucial role in interior design this year.

Lights are now serving as functional works of art and a statement accessory for your interior. Interior designers use more and more programmable light bulbs, which homeowners can control and change the colour temperature.

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The Bottom Line

When it comes to your interior, it is crucial to understand that design trends may come and go. Therefore, you should emphasise more on personalisation than focusing solely on trends. As we look forward to the year ahead, it’s essential to get expert insights for your renovation plans to design a home that is uniquely yours.

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