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Organic Interiors “Eco-friendly living, a way of life”

Well lit room with neutral and earthy colours. Lakkadworks
Relaxing corner well lit with natural light and wooden furnishings.
What is organic style in context of interior designing?

"Organic Modern Style", one of the blooming terms in design lexicon. The term refers to an overall design style - a proportionate combination of modern lines and often crisp white coloured surfaces adorned with neutral colours, natural forms and materials.

In order to escape the city madness and combat stress, people go to countryside or hill station where the goodness of nature rejuvenates them. Thereby, living in a nature filled environment i.e. organic living is in vogue.

Here’s how you can achieve Organic Modern Style !

1. It is very important to choose the right natural material all through your interiors. The options include rocks, bamboo, bricks, stone, wood, organic paints and natural fabrics like cotton and linen.

Leaving the rock walls unfinished is a brilliant way to turn them into the centre of attraction.

2. Natural Lighting

Welcoming sunlight fill your design elements like furniture and wall decor with life, thereby, creating a lively ambience.

naturally lightened modular kitchen. Custom built. Lakkad Works

3. Position the indoor plants at suitable places.

Plants not only purify the air but also diminishes the amount of dust coming in. Moreover, the green colour has always been known for bringing in freshness and peace.

Placing of indoor plants. Organic styles. Lakkad Works

4. Wooden furniture

A house with a lot of wooden furniture has a rustic look and is nature safe. Avoid buying metal frame furniture that are painted or coated with varnishes.

5. Tree trunks/stump stools and side tables bring in country look to your interior and make good combinations with modern day couches and carpets.

tree trunk table for organic interior designs. lakkadworks

6. Organic Accessories

Natural elements like dried flowers, mossy arrangements, handicrafts, mesmerising sceneries of natural locations, rugs, geodes on a table or just a lily or two can bring life to your surroundings.

7. Wooden Flooring

Besides having a classy look, the wooden panelled rooms brings warmth to the atmosphere. Hardwood floors improve the indoor air quality as they do not trap dust like carpets. Moreover, wooden floors never conflict with your decor. The beauty of such floors is that they can be refinished instead of being replaced when required.

8. Use LED lights

They consume less power as compared to conventional tube lights and bulbs. Moreover, they are last longing and seamlessly gel up with any kind of decor. One can choose among the multiple colours of the LED lights. LEDs have revolutionised the ceilings design while helping to design sophisticated interiors.

Connect with our design team to better understand organic interiors.

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