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8 Amazing Ideas to Create a Functional Wardrobe Interior Design

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March 26th, 2024

Our wardrobes aren’t just about enhancing the appearance of rooms. But it’s about maximising every inch of space inside to create a functional and organised storage solution for your clothes and accessories. Even after getting ample space inside wardrobes, many struggle to keep them in order. This is because most homeowners dedicate their time and energy to selecting the finish and design rather than the wardrobe layout when choosing wardrobe interior design. The secret behind creating the most functional modular wardrobe interior design is thoughtful planning and incorporating essential wardrobe accessories and storage compartments.  

That is why we have curated a list of some functional wardrobe interior design ideas to help you with wardrobe organisation. From customised wardrobe storage solutions to modular wardrobe. accessories – we will share an array of options to maximise your wardrobe functionality. So, let’s get started! 

8 Smartest Ways to Optimize Space in Your Wardrobe Interior Design

1. Utilise Loft Spaces

Utilise Loft Space in Wardrobe Interior Design

Built-in wardrobes and loft space are a match made in heaven. The loft space is a storage space under the roof that we mostly access with a ladder or often remains unused. You can use the loft space and turn it into a storage compartment to maximise space utilisation 

Install shelves or drawers in the loft space to make it an extended version of your wardrobe. These shelves will work as storage compartments for items like bags or boxes of seasonal clothing such as sweaters or swimwear.    

2. Use Sliding Doors

Use Sliding Doors in Wardrobe Interior Design

The choice of doors can significantly impact your space, especially if you have a small bedroom. Traditional swinging or hinged doors can block precious floor space and limit accessibility and design options.   

For this reason, sliding doors have become a hit in the small wardrobe design. It is a sleek and practical solution that adds a modern touch to your wardrobe and maximises the available space in your wardrobe layout.    

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3. Get Pull-out Racks for Different Clothing

Use Pullout Racks for Modular Wardrobe

Pullout racks are the most efficient clothing storage solution that resolves the three major pain points of wardrobe interior designs. First, it uses the lower modules of a wardrobe, which we often ignore due to accessibility issues. If you install these racks in the lower module, you can easily pull up these racks, and there won’t be any need to bend down to access the bottom.   

In addition, we also struggle with storing ironed clothes, especially sarees or trousers, as they can easily get creased if kept on top of each other. These racks are the best solution to prevent the ironed clothes from creasing.  

Most importantly, if we can’t see our clothes, we usually forget about their existence. That’s what happens if we store things at the bottom racks. To solve this problem, Forbes Home has recommended pullout racks and extension rods in wardrobes to keep each item visible! 

4. Incorporate a Mirror

Incorporate Mirrors in Wardrobe Interior Design

Incorporating a mirror into your wardrobe is one of the most ingenious modern wardrobe interior design ideas to double it as a dresser. Luxury residential interior designers typically attach mirrors to the wardrobe in two ways – either with a mirrored door or a folded mirror. Mirrored doors are a great option, especially if you have a smaller room. It helps bounce the light around your home’s interior, making it look more spacious.  

However, many homeowners are hesitant to install a mirrored wardrobe door because of Vastu considerations. In that case, you can get a pullout mirror, which you can fold neatly into the wardrobe.   

5. Make Space for a Safe

Keep a Safe in Wardrobe Interior Design

Most Indian homeowners still keep their valuable jewellery in their homes. So, while finalising the wardrobe layout, incorporate drawers or cabinets with locks or create a special compartment to fit a safe to store the valuables. There are a variety of designs and inspiration available for customised wardrobes with integrated locker or safe. 

Considering the security aspect, digital safes are now available to provide advanced security for your valuables and important documents like property deeds, etc.   

6. Choose Hanger Rail

Add Hangar Rails in Wardrobe Interior Design

Let’s just be honest. Most of us are not fond of folding clothes. Even if you do, there is a fair chance that your clothes might get hidden behind each other.   

In that case, having more inner rails than drawers could be the answer to keeping your wardrobe free of clutter! Install half-height rails for blouses, shirts, skirts, sarees, and jackets and full-height rails for dresses, suits, and other ethnic wear.  

You can also use the top-mount hanger with a sliding mechanism, which will allow you to draw out the hanger rail and keep all your clothes visible. If you are short, you can opt for a pull-down hanger rail to make your clothes reachable. This feature is also very useful for wall-to-ceiling wardrobes that have higher modules. 

7. Install Organiser Drawers

Install Organiser Drawers inside Modular Wardrobe

We all know from experience that whatever goes into a drawer can never be found at the right moment. This is because we use our wardrobe drawers as our go-to option to store things randomly. Hence, they turn into a mess of miscellaneous items that take forever to sort through.   

The right way to deal with this wardrobe interior problem is to install organiser trays inside drawers or ask your interior designer consultant for custom storage. These compartments help you segregate items like jewellery, cufflinks, ties, belts, watches, etc. 

8. Designate a place for Shoes

Add Shoe Cabinets to Modern Wardrobe Interior Design

It’s really difficult to store multiple pairs of shoes securely and keep them visible at the same time. That’s why residential interior design consultants recommend adding designated space for shoes in wardrobe interior designs. You can use the lower module to install the shoe organiser drawer.  

How to Choose a Modern Wardrobe Interior Design

Finding the right wardrobe is about considering both aesthetics and how you use it. Follow this quick guide to choose the perfect wardrobe for your luxury bedroom interior design 

  • Free-standing vs Built-in: Freestanding wardrobes offer flexibility, while built-in wardrobes maximise space and allow customisation.
  • Consider Size: Don’t overpower the room with a massive wardrobe. Consider your bedroom layout and choose modern wardrobe interior design accordingly. Even small wardrobe designs can meet your storage needs if optimised correctly.  
  • Style it Up: Coordinate the wardrobe design with the theme and furniture of your bedroom. 
  • Storage Needs First: Consider your unique storage requirements and personalise your modular wardrobe accordingly.
  • Material Matters: Wood is classic, but acrylic and laminates offer variety. Choose what complements your room and protects your clothes.  
  • Accessorize It: Add the required accessories to maximise space utilisation, but do not overdo it.  

Get a step-by-step guide to selecting the right modern wardrobe interior design for your home from our previous blog post: 5 Things to Keep in Mind While Selecting Modular Wardrobe Designs 

Get Customised Modular Wardrobe Interior Design Ideas by Experts

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8 Unique Ideas to Create a Modular Wardrobe Interior Design

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