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10 Space-Saving Wardrobe Design Ideas for Indian Bedrooms

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March 22nd, 2024

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Ever spent your mornings wrestling with an overflowing wardrobe, desperately searching for that missing sock or your favourite kurta set? Worry not; it happens to most of us!

According to Knight Frank Global House Price Index*, housing prices in India grew 5.9% year-on-year during the third quarter of 2023, primarily because of rapid urbanisation. With land and property prices increasing in major Indian cities, people are opting for more compact living spaces to remain within budget. In apartments and compact bedrooms, keeping clothes organised can feel like an uphill battle. The struggle is more if you have a multigenerational home or a big family.

That’s where smart wardrobe designs come to the rescue! Here, we have listed 10 ingenious space-saving wardrobe interior design ideas for Indian bedrooms to optimise your home interior by balancing style and storage options. So, let’s get started!

What are the Best Wardrobe Interior Design Solutions for Small Indian Bedrooms?

1. Bedroom Wardrobe Interior Design Ideas: The Power of Warm, Neutral Colours

Use Warm, Neutral Colours in Bedroom Wardrobe Interior Design

In small bedrooms, colour psychology plays a crucial role in designing efficient storage solutions. Choose warm, neutral tones like beige, cream, or light grey for your wardrobe to create a feel of spaciousness. These light tones will open up the bedroom and make it look bigger than it is.

In addition, using neutral tones can also help you create a versatile backdrop that allows you to personalise the space further with pops of colour in your bedding, artwork, or accessories.

2. Bedroom Wardrobe Interior Design Ideas: Blending in with the Wall

Keep the Colour of the Bedroom Wardrobe Interior Design Same as Your Walls

Never underestimate the power of visual cohesion! A clever option to personalise your wardrobe is to paint it with the same colour and design as your walls. It will help create a unified space, making the storage unit appear more like an integrated design element.

This wardrobe interior design idea is particularly effective in bedrooms with limited floor space. In addition, you can also consider a glossy finish for the wardrobe to create an illusion of space.

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3. Bedroom Wardrobe Interior Design Ideas: Sliding Doors vs. Hinged Doors

Use Slide Doors for Your Bedroom Wardrobe Interior Design

For small or compact bedrooms, hinged doors can be a space hog. They take up precious floor space and require clearance when opened, often interfering with the walkways. This is where sliding doors become the star of the home interior!

Sliding doors operate smoothly on the tracks and minimise the bulky look of traditional hinged doors.

4. Bedroom Wardrobe Interior Design Ideas: Mirror, Mirror on the Door

Add Mirror to Your Bedroom Wardrobe Interior Design

Incorporating a mirror into your wardrobe door not only offers a quick way to check your outfit before you head out the door, but it also makes it look spacious. Mirrors can create the illusion of a larger and brighter room by reflecting lights.

You can opt for full-length mirrors to maximise the light-reflecting effect. Mirrored panels installed on multiple wardrobe doors are also a smart idea to create an impactful illusion of space. Those with young children in their homes should consider shatterproof safety glasses for additional safety. However, there are a few Vastu principles that you can follow to increase the flow of positive energy in your home interior.

  • If you have a wardrobe directly opposite your bed, install the mirror separately in another corner. Vastu promotes the importance of calmness and uninterrupted sleep, which can be disrupted by a mirrored reflection of yourself.
  • Avoid large mirrors, which can create an imbalance and overwhelm the space.
  • Use pleasant and uplifting elements like a beautiful painting, a window with a scenic view, or well-organised shelves opposite the mirrored door to reflect positivity.

5. Bedroom Wardrobe Interior Design Ideas: Vertical Space as the Savio

Use the Vertical Space for Storage in Your Bedroom Wardrobe Interior Design

While planning your wardrobe interior design, don’t let those high ceilings go to waste! Floor-to-ceiling wardrobe designs can be your secret weapon for maximising storage capacity in a small bedroom. Utilise the upper sections for storing seasonal clothes, out-of-season items, or rarely used belongings.

In addition, you can consider sturdy loft shelves with brackets to store bulky items like blankets or luggage. The loft accentuates the vertical space, visually expanding the room and making it feel more spacious without sacrificing valuable floor space.

6. Bedroom Wardrobe Interior Design Ideas: Ditch the Doors

Opt for Open Bedroom Wardrobe Interior Desig

The concept of open wardrobes has emerged as a popular choice for modern wardrobe interior design for compact bedrooms. It eliminates the bulk of traditional wardrobe doors to create a visually lighter and more open feel in a compact space. If you have ample natural light and good ventilation in your bedroom, this wardrobe design will work for you.

However, you should keep the wardrobe well-organised to increase its visual impact. Following are some useful tips to maintain an open-door wardrobe:

  • Organise your clothes by following a colour palette.
  • Utilise baskets, compartmentalised shelves, and hanging organisers to avoid a cluttered look.
  • Follow seasonal rotation and only keep the clothes you’re currently using in the open wardrobe. Store out-of-season items elsewhere to prevent overcrowding.

7. Bedroom Wardrobe Interior Design Ideas: Translucent Doors in Trend

Get Translucent Doors for Your Bedroom Wardrobe Interior Design

If an open wardrobe is not your thing, yet you want to create a similar visual impact, a translucent wardrobe door is the right fit for you! This alternative wardrobe interior design for the bedroom allows light to pass through and creates a sense of openness and visual continuity with the rest of the room.

8. Bedroom Wardrobe Interior Design Ideas: Hidden Storage on the Headboard Wall

Use the Headboard wall in Your Bedroom Wardrobe Interior Design

The wall behind your headboard is an underutilised space that you can easily turn into a creative storage solution! You can incorporate a flanked wardrobe into this wall for a hidden storage option.

In addition, it is also a great idea to install compartments behind the headboard to store books, electronics, or other belongings. You can also consider open shelves above the headboard to display decorative items or frequently used accessories.

9. Bedroom Wardrobe Interior Design Ideas: Multifunctional Wardrobes for the Win

Get Multifunctional Bedroom Wardrobe Interior Design

Interior designers consider multifunctional, customised furniture to be a game-changer for small spaces. Explore wardrobe options that combine storage with other functionalities.

You can consider the following built-in features:

  • Drawers for storing smaller items like socks, undergarments, or accessories.
  • Shoe racks to keep footwear neatly organised and hidden from view.
  • Pull-out shelves for frequently used items like handbags, scarves, or belts.
  • Built-in study nooks with a fold-down desk and shelves.

10. Bedroom Wardrobe Interior Design Ideas: Identify Secret Storage Spots

Utilise Rarely Used Space in Your Bedroom Wardrobe Interior Design

While selecting a wardrobe interior design for your bedroom, look for unused spaces that you can transform into clever storage solutions. Here are some ideas:

  • Corner Spaces: Utilise corner spaces with an L-shaped wardrobe layout, custom-built shelves or hanging rods.
  • Above Doorways: The space above doorways can be put to good use with additional storage cabinets or shelves for storing out-of-season items or bulky blankets.
  • Around the Window: Replace the traditional window seat with built-in drawers or cabinets beneath the seating area. You can also utilise the recess created by the window frame to install custom-built shelves.
  • Under the Bed: Utilise the space beneath your bed with pull-out drawers, storage containers, or under-bed storage boxes.
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Consult an Expert for the Latest Wardrobe Interior Design Ideas

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* Ray, Anulekha. “Property Prices Hiked by 5.9% in Q3 in India, Second-highest Growth in Asia.The Economic Times, 15 Dec. 2023.

10 Space-Saving Bedroom Wardrobe Interior Design Ideas

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