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6 Essential Tips to Design the Ideal Home Office Layout

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March 21st, 2024

Before the COVID-19 pandemic, the concept of a home office was considered a luxury in the home interior. However, with WFH, hybrid work culture, and home-grown businesses blooming since 2020, home offices have turned out to be a necessity. According to a report published by the Times of India*, around 82% of employees prefer working from home post-pandemic.

Layout planning is the first and most vital part of designing your home office. It helps you create a workspace that infuses the comfort of your home with professional aesthetics to increase your productivity.

Whether you need a separate workspace for your remote job or want a nook for paying bills and organising your schedule, you must think wisely to plan a productive home office layout. That’s why our expert residential interior designers have shared a few must-known strategies to help you select the best layout for your home office. So, let’s get started!

6 Things to Consider for a Productive Home Office Interior

1. Place the Desk in the Right Place

The desk is the most crucial piece of furniture in any home office. However, placing the desk in the wrong spot, especially at a bad angle to the window, can affect your productivity.

According to the feng shui principles, you should always place your desk in a position, where your back faces the wall and you have a clear view of the door but not directly in line with the entrance. Also known as the commanding position, this desk placement principle creates a positive energy for your home interior.

In addition, residential interior design consultants suggest placing the desk as close to a natural light source as possible. While some may prefer to face the window, it often turns out to be distracting. Therefore, the best practice is to put the desk perpendicular to it to avoid screen glare.

Also, make sure that the desk is not too high. If the height exceeds 70-75 cm, it can seriously strain your back and waist.

2. Choose Comfortable Seating Option

The biggest advantage of a home office is that you can enjoy the comfort of your home amidst your work. The more comfortable you are in your home office, the greater your productivity will be.

For this reason, residential interior designers prioritise comfortable seating options – ideally ergonomic designs with mesh backs or padded cushions. Get office chairs with adjustable features such as lumbar support, headrests, seat height, armrests, and tilt mechanisms to customise your seating position.

3. Keep a Small Seating Area

If you are a business owner or have clients visiting, you must designate a small space in your home office interior to create a separate seating area.

Keep a space divider and 1-2 comfortable chairs, which you can easily pull up to your desk. You can also pair a round ottoman with two signature chairs or a sofa near the windows to create a simple yet cosy seating area. Use a rug to separate this space from the more formal work zone.

4. Install Built-in Tech Storag

While designing a home office interior, we often overlook the importance of storage solutions. However, if you have a cluttered workspace, it can severely affect your productivity.

That’s why residential interior designers emphasise including enough shelves, filing cabinets, or cupboards to meet your storage requirements. Consider your workflow and designate separate storage options for different purposes.

For instance, you can install inbox storage on or right next to the desk. Residential interior design consultants also suggest tucking in desk cords and wires hanging from your desk using built-in compartments. The following are some of the options to avoid unnecessary clutters caused by wires:

  • Get a wireless router, printer, keyboard, and mouse
  • Attach visible wires under your desk or clip them down along a desk leg
  • Keep the loose wires on the floor organised with a simple cord tamer

5. Ensure Ample Lighting

Good lighting is essential to bring positive vibes. Therefore, place the office furniture strategically to allow natural light to fill the room. You can also opt for a mirror and paint the walls in a light colour to enhance the effects of natural light.

However, sometimes, natural light can cause issues with visibility by increasing the screen share. In that case, residential interior designer consultants suggest translucent window shades or blinds to reduce glare without darkening your room.

In addition, you should also consider incorporating additional lighting to keep the space productive. To increase general lighting, use an overhead ceiling light or add a pair of open-top floor lamps in the corners of your home office interior. Also, include a desk light to get ample shadow-free lighting for desk tasks.

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6. Get a Piece of Outdoor

We need to stay motivated if we are spending 9 hours or more working within four walls. That is why residential interior design consultants suggest having a window with a view to bring the outdoors inside.

You can also add a variety of houseplants to your home office interior to bring the greenery right inside your workspace. It not only reduces stress and boosts your mood but also acts like a natural air purifier. According to reports, top residential interior designers around the world expect minimalist, low-maintenance plants to be a hit in the coming years.

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Bottom Line

While designing the layout for a home office, the most crucial factor to keep in mind is flexibility. Residential interior designers prefer layouts with minimal furniture, which are easy to rearrange whenever required.

Whether you are remodelling your home office or getting customised furniture, it is wise to consult a residential home interior design consultant for any home interior services. Contact Lakkadworks, one of the best residential interior design companies in India, providing one-stop home interior solutions. From designing the layout to installing customised furniture and storage solutions – our expert luxury residential interior designers take care of every little detail with the best interior design services. Visit our website or contact us at +91-9999381022 to get personalised home office designs!

* Data retrieved from PTI. “Remote Working New Normal; 82% Employees Prefer Working From Home.The Times of India, 29 Jan. 2022.

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