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8 Useful Tips to Create a Functional Luxury Bathroom Interior

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March 28th, 2024

The bathroom is a space designated for relaxation and essential routines. But if it’s not planned properly, bathrooms can feel cramped, uninspiring, or simply lack functionality. In addition, expert residential interior designers across the world put special emphasis on bathroom interiors as it affects the energy of your house. According to both Vastu Shashtra and Feng Shui principle, water closets accumulate the highest amount of negative energy. Therefore, if you don’t choose the colours, placement, and accessories for the bathroom wisely, it may affect your living experience.

If you want the best bathroom interior design for your home, this is the right place. Our expert home interior design consultants have shared some essential tips to create the perfect luxury bathroom interior design. So, let’s get started!

6 Things to Consider for the Best Luxury Bathroom Interior Design

1. Get In-Built Solutions

Choose Built-in Storage for Luxury Bathroom Interior Design

Functionality is the core purpose of any bathroom. Therefore, you should always prioritise practical solutions for your bathroom. Consider the following aspects while building storage for luxury bathroom interior design:

  • Utilise every inch of your bathroom with built-in storage solutions. Install shelves above the toilet or sink, consider vanity cabinets with pull-out drawers, and check inspiration boards for over-the-door organisers to store towels and toiletries.
  • Instead of wasting corner space, expert residential interior designers recommend installing corner shelves or corner cabinets for additional storage.
  • You can also use hooks mounted on the back of the bathroom door to hang towels and robes.
  • Declutter your bathroom at regular intervals to avoid unnecessary containers, empty shampoo bottles, etc.

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2. Optimise Shower and Bathtub

Optimise Shower & Bathtub in Luxury Bathroom Interior Design

Shower curtain or door? – most of us dwell between these two options. Although shower curtains are generally more budget-friendly and offer easier cleaning, shower doors are the ultimate choice for the best luxury bathroom interior designs. Besides, the shower doors also prevent water from splashing outside the shower area.

For a smaller space, you can choose the shower-tub combination as well. If you have a multigenerational home where elderly family members with mobility limitations live, you should consider installing grab bars near the bathtub or shower and a shower seat for safety.

In addition, you can use clear glass panels to visually expand the space and allow light to flow freely.

3. Make Use of Lighting

Use Both Natural & Artificial Lights for Luxury Bathroom Interior Design

Proper lighting is crucial in the bathroom not only for daily tasks like applying makeup or shaving but also for setting the desired ambience. If your space allows, maximise natural light with windows or skylights to create a bright and airy feel.

If you don’t have ample sources of natural light in your bathroom, artificial lighting can do the work for you! When using artificial lighting, opt for layered lighting. Utilise overhead lights or ceiling lights for general illumination, bathroom sconces on either side of the mirror for task lighting, and vanity lighting above the sink for added brightness.

4. Choose Inviting Colour Scheme

Choose Soft, Neutral Colours for Luxury Bathroom Interior Design

Colours significantly impact how a space looks and feels. Vastukar Neeta Sinha suggests light pastel colours for luxury bathroom interior designs to infuse the area with calmness. Home interior design consultants use light hues like white, light blue, or beige in their best bathroom interior designs to create a sense of spaciousness and a soothing feeling.

However, bold colours like black, deep green, or navy blue can also create a dramatic statement in the bathroom interior. It’s best to avoid bold colours in smaller bathrooms as it will make the space look smaller.

Expert designers prioritise the psychology of colour when choosing a palette for the bathroom. For example, blue tones promote serenity, while green is associated with nature and tranquillity.

5. Add Wallpapers

Utilise Wallpapers in Luxury Bathroom Interior Design

Renowned interior designer Tyler Del Vento sees wallpaper as a powerful tool to enhance the ambience of your bathroom. It is one of the easiest ways to create a luxury bathroom interior design on a budget.

To create the best bathroom interior design with wallpaper, pick a colour from your chosen wallpaper and use it to paint the ceiling, crown moulding, and baseboards for a unified feel. You can also opt for a contrasting colour for a bolder statement.

6. Get a Statement Mirror

Incorporate a Statement Mirror into Luxury Bathroom Interior Design

Mirrors are a key design element in bathrooms. Interior designer Tyler Del Vento recommends a mirror that complements your overall design scheme and acts as a functional accessory that you enjoy using every day.

Beyond its aesthetic value, mirrors can make your bathroom feel larger and brighter. There are a variety of materials, colours, shapes, and mounting styles for mirrors that you can choose from.

7. Create Textures with Tiles

Use Both Floor & Wall Tiles for Luxury Bathroom Interior Design

For the ultimate luxury bathroom interior design, residential interior designers use a combination of floor and wall tiles. Use tiles with glossy finishes on the walls to maximise light reflection. To ensure safety, choose slip-proof matte tiles on the floor. This combination is enough to achieve a stunning and practical layout in your bathroom. Ensure safety with anti-skid matte finish tiles that provide good grip.

In addition, you can also opt for terrazzo, an Italian-inspired material that plays with colour and texture to offer the best bathroom interior design. Terrazzo includes marble, quartz, granite, and even glass chips to catch the light and make the interior more rustic and with character.

8. Incorporate Greens and Artworks

Add Plants & Decorative Items to Your Luxury Bathroom Interior Design

One of the best interior design trends of 2024 is incorporating sustainable designs and plants as decorative elements into your interior. Place a few live plants strategically in your bathroom to add a touch of greenery, purify the air, and bring vibrancy to the space. Opt for low-light tolerant varieties like snake plants, ferns, or peace lilies.

You can also add decorative elements like framed artwork, mirrors, or small sculptures to your luxury bathroom interior design.

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Get the Best Bathroom Interior Designs from Experts

Whether you want a minimalist bathroom, a spa-like retreat, or a luxury bathroom interior design, it’s always best to personalise your home’s interior. Lakkadworks provides turnkey interior solutions and comprehensive interior design services, including bathroom renovation, remodelling, etc. Our professional home interior design consultants will guide you through every step to create the best bathroom interior design for your home. Contact our residential interior designers today and schedule your first initial consultation for free.

8 Useful Tips to Create the Best Bathroom Interior Design

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