Layout Considerations in the Bedroom!

Updated: Aug 29, 2020

Your bedroom takes the overflow from other parts of the house, so you need to include as much storage as you can to accommodate everything you use daily. Adding to the fact that it has to fit in some of the largest furnitures-a bed and dressers or wardrobes: you will feel it be a bit of a challenge. Here are some tips to make the most of your bedroom's space.

1. BED

First step is to work out the position of your bed; assuming it is a double bed, both sides should be accessible, avoid pushing the bed against a wall. If the ceiling slopes, be sure of enough headroom at either side of the bed. Also ensure that the bedroom door does not open on to the bed, and that closet doors and drawers are opened easily. If space is an issue , go for a low, minimally furnished bed to make the room feel bigger. To enhance the storage, you can pick or customise a bed with drawers beneath it, this way you can also free up floor space in the room.


Freestanding wardrobes whether in matching pairs or not, will sit naturally sir in alcoves, often opposite to bed. If you have a large wardrobe, site it centrally on a straight wall for a balanced look. Modular wardrobes work best and are a better use of space specially when your room has awkward angles, such as sloping ceiling. A wardrobe should never be placed in front of a window, but if you have to place it there due to space issue, customise it in light colour or with mirrored front to improve light in the room.


Bedside tables create a balanced look and should always bought in pairs: they don't have to be exactly the same but they should be similar in size. If there is only room for one bedside table, try sliding the bed slightly and fitting in two mini tables or table-height shelves instead so that the room's balance is maintained.


If you have a large bedroom, consider matching chest of drawers to sit on each side of the bed instead of bedside tables. This will give you plenty of storage for lamps, books, and clothes that do not need to be hung. If only one chest of drawers can be accommodated, place it centrally on the empty wall and put a mirror above it as a focal point; it can double as a vanity but without a chair. If the chest it to share a wall with a wardrobe, go for one that matches the depth and style of the wardrobe for a consistent look.


After including all the essential furniture, if you still have plenty of floor space, a vanity is a real luxury item to include. Ideally, its placement should be where the natural daylight is good-in a bay window ( with a stand alone mirror) or at right angles to a flat window (with a wall-hung mirror), for example. For those who still crave for vanity with limited floor space, include it in the wardrobe design, go for a full length mirror in one of the swing or sliding doors of your wardrobe and incorporate some shelves for storage.

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