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10 Design Mistakes You Should Avoid in Your Bedroom Interior 

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April 12th, 2024

Your bedroom has a special place in your life without you even realising it. It’s a space where you start and end your day, and it should be nothing short of perfection. If you don’t like the way your bedroom looks but can’t point out what’s wrong, it’s most likely because of design errors. 

Design mistakes can take the soul out of your bedroom and make the space look odd and out of proportion. That’s why our expert residential interior designers share detailed insights into common design mistakes and how we can rectify them to create the best interior design for the bedroom. Let’s get started!  

What Mistakes Should You Avoid in a Bedroom Interior Design?

#1: Approximating But Not Measuring the Space

Always Measure Space to Design Bedroom Interior

Before even brainstorming the layout and design, you must measure your bedroom. Not knowing the accurate measurement is the biggest reason for making design errors. 

Instead of approximating the size, length, and width, take a measuring tape and measure your bedroom from corner to corner. Measure every item that you intend to put in your bedroom layout. If possible, use marking tape to mark areas with the space that the furniture piece will occupy. This process will also help you estimate the walking space in your luxury bedroom interior design.  

It’s best to hire an expert interior designer to measure your bedroom and suggest layouts accordingly to create the best bedroom interior design. 

#2 Positioning the Bed Inappropriately

Place the Bed Properly in Your Bedroom Interior Design

You should never underestimate the power of bed placement! A poorly positioned bed not only disrupts your sleep but also affects the overall flow of your bedroom interior.  

Avoid cramming the bed against a wall and ensure easy access from both sides. Also, do not place it right under a window, which can disrupt the flow of natural sunlight. 

In addition, home interior design consultants ask to avoid heavy furniture (like shelves) hanging directly overhead, as it can create a sense of uneasiness. The best interior design for the bedroom usually uses a central spot to place the bed.  

#3 Skipping Colour Scheme

Follow a Colour Scheme in Bedroom Interior Designs

If you decide on a colour scheme at the very end of the planning process, your bedroom interior may lack a sense of balance. The choice of colour is the foundation of the best interior designs for bedrooms. Depending on the layout, design, and storage options, you should consider a calming colour palette.  

Think of neutrals like beige, grey, or soft blues, which are known for their ability to promote serenity and tranquillity. You can add pops of colour with throw pillows, artwork, or paint an accent wall in a different shade that complements your base colours. A cohesive colour scheme has the power to create a visually harmonious space. 

#4: Buying Bulky Furniture

Avoid Bulky Furniture in Bedroom Interior Designs

One of the most common problems that our residential interior designers come across is that homeowners often end up buying a bed and furniture bigger than they need. In India, it is mostly done with an eye on the future when you get married or have children. The decision could also be affected if you want to accommodate visiting guests. Amidst these considerations, they mostly forget to consider the dimensions of the room. 

If you are unsure about the type of bed you should accommodate, buy one with a side pull-out bed. You can also buy a separate sofa-cum-bed if you have enough floor space. It will help you whenever you have guests or need more space. 

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#5 Blocking the Window

Keep the Window Space Clear in Bedroom Interior Designs

Natural light is the biggest asset of the best interior designs for bedrooms. Don’t ever compromise on the natural light to fit your desired furniture.  

If you are short on space and wish to use space around the window, convert it to a window seating with storage space underneath it. Hire an expert interior designer to make the most out of the available space in your bedroom interior. 

#6 Choosing a Boring Headboard

Choose the Headboard Wisely for Bedroom Interior Designs

Headboards are in fashion, and it’s here to stay. Getting an out-of-proportion headboard can make your room look smaller than it actually is. You should always consider the height of your ceiling along with room dimensions to decide on the bulkiness or height of the headboard.  

You can also go for functional headboards that extend as side tables or have additional storage space. 

#7: Lacking Adequate Storage Solutions

Ensure Adequate Storage in Bedroom Interior Designs

Wardrobes in bedrooms not only keep all your clothes but also store your accessories and shoes. That’s why you need to be smart while choosing a wardrobe as it can be designed to fit smartly into a small space. Modular wardrobes can be designed to fit in a niche so that it does not take up extra space. This looks neat and makes the room more spacious.  

You can also opt for hidden storage solutions under your bed. Built-in wardrobes, under-bed drawers, or ottomans with storage compartments are some of the most popular hidden storage options that you can use in your luxury bedroom interior design.  

In addition, you should also consider utilising vertical space with tall shelving or hanging organisers. Hire an expert interior design consultant to get customised storage solutions for your luxury bedroom interior. 

#8: Not Segregating Space for Different Functions

Create Functional Zones in Bedroom Interior Designs

A bedroom serves more than one purpose. You sleep, you read, you dress up and probably even drink your morning tea in your bedroom. Lakkadworks’ expert residential interior designers suggest that homeowners should allocate separate space in their bedroom interior for each activity.  

For example, if you like to have a study in the room, place it near a window to get sufficient natural light. 

#9 Ignoring Different Patterns & Textures

Add Different Patterns & Textures to Bedroom Interior Designs

The best interior designs for bedrooms don’t feel like a museum exhibit. It craves a touch of cosy personality, which you can achieve only by customising your bedroom interior design. One way to achieve this vibe is through texture! Don’t be afraid to mix and match different textures to create visual interest and depth.  

While a plush throw blanket adds a snuggly element to a crisp cotton duvet, woven baskets can soften the sleek dresser’s lines. Even a fluffy rug underfoot can add visual interest compared to bare wood floors. Play with textures in your pillows, curtains, and artwork as well to create the best interior design for your bedroom. 

#10: Absence of Enough Plug Points

Keep Enough Plug Points in Bedroom Interior Designs

During the design phase, make sure you have identified the plug points that you will need in the bedroom. Also, install them in accessible locations or else you will have to keep holding your phone while it charges.  

If you don’t have enough plug points, it’s high time to invest in it. It’s worth the effort and cost. If that is not possible, use extension cords and spike busters as a stop-gap arrangement in your bedroom interior design.   

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Hire an Expert Interior Designer for your Bedroom Interior Design

Avoiding these common design mistakes is a great first step, but designing the best bedroom interior design always requires a professional touch.  

This is where an expert interior design consultant comes in. They possess the knowledge and experience to transform your bedroom interior design based on your unique style, needs, and budget. They will not only create a personalised luxury bedroom interior design but also help you save money in the long run by avoiding expensive mistakes. 

Lakkadworks, a leading interior design company in India, has a team of passionate and skilled residential interior designers specialising in customised bedroom interior. From space optimisation and furniture selection to creating a cohesive colour palette and lighting scheme, our home interior design consultants will guide you through every step of the process. Schedule your first free consultation today and let Lakkadworks help you create a bedroom that’s not just beautiful, but a true reflection of you. 

10 Mistakes You Must Avoid in Your Luxury Bedroom Interior Design

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